Pocket AI RTX A500 palm sized GPU accelerator


Pocket AI RTX A500 palm sized GPU accelerator

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The ADLINK Pocket AI, a portable GPU accelerator, is a unique device that is set to transform the way we work with artificial intelligence (AI). Powered by an NVIDIA RTX A500, this compact device is about the size of a pack of playing cards, making it a highly portable solution for AI developers, professional graphics users, and embedded industrial applications.

The Pocket AI is designed to boost productivity by improving work efficiency. It offers the ultimate in flexibility and reliability on the move, delivering a perfect balance between power and performance. This is made possible by the NVIDIA RTX GPU, which is renowned for its superior performance in AI and professional visual computing applications.

Pocket AI RTX A500 small portable GPU accelerator

Portable GPU accelerator

The partnership between ADLINK and NVIDIA, the industry leader in GPU technology, has resulted in this superior, portable accelerator. NVIDIA’s dedication to innovation and excellence in GPU technology aligns perfectly with ADLINK’s commitment to delivering best-in-class solutions. This collaboration has allowed ADLINK to offer customers the most advanced technology and full support.


The Pocket AI is equipped with an NVIDIA RTX A500 CPU and 4GB of GDDR6 RAM. It also boasts 2048 NVIDIA CUDA cores, 64 NVIDIA Tensor Cores, and 16 NVIDIA RT cores. This powerful combination allows the device to deliver 100 TOPS DENSE INT8 in inference and 6.54 TFLOPS Peak FP32 performance. The device also supports NVIDIA CUDA X and RTX Software Enhancements, further enhancing its capabilities.

ADLINK Pocket AI RTX A500 specifications

ADLINK Pocket AI RTX A500 specifications

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One of the key features of the Pocket AI is its connection via Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4, or USB 4. The Thunderbolt interface, popularized on laptops, thin clients, and compact PCs, has advanced to version 4.0 (backward compatible to 3.0) and adopted USB Type-C connections. This has led to a proliferation of peripherals or devices built on this technology. The Pocket AI takes advantage of the lightning-fast transfer speed (up to 40Gb/s) and general availability of Thunderbolt in modern hosts, creating an intuitive plug-and-play user experience with a hyper boost in productivity.


The Pocket AI is designed for AI accelerated learning, with a base clock of 435 MHz that can boost up to 1,335 MHz. It has 248 CUDA cores, 64 tensor cores, 16 RT cores, and 4 GB of GDDR6. Despite its powerful performance, the device only consumes 25 watts of power. However, it’s worth noting that the Pocket AI does not have a video out feature.


In terms of performance in gaming and AI tasks, the Pocket AI holds its own against integrated AMD Graphics and Intel Iris XE Graphics. However, there is potential for improvement with the addition of a video out feature. This would allow users to connect the device to an external display, further enhancing its versatility and usability.

The ADLINK Pocket AI is a compact, powerful, and highly portable GPU accelerator that is set to revolutionize the way we work with AI. Its superior performance, flexibility, and reliability make it an ideal solution for AI developers, professional graphics users, and embedded industrial applications. Despite some room for improvement, the Pocket AI featuring technologies from ADLINK and NVIDIA will soon be available to purchase and more details are available from the official product page.

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