Only Supernatural Season 16 Can Fix The CW’s Past 2 Canceled Spinoffs


Only Supernatural Season 16 Can Fix The CW’s Past 2 Canceled Spinoffs

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  • Possibility of a Supernatural season 16 excites fans with potential for new stories and crossovers with spinoffs.
  • Dean’s death in the finale may be revisited in season 16, opening gates for time travel and multiverses.
  • Season 16 could bring back Wayward Sisters and The Winchesters spinoffs, providing a fresh take for loyal fans.

It may have come as a surprise when Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles hinted that Supernatural could get a season 16, however this new installment would not just be huge for the main show, which ended back in 2020, but could fill the gaps left by two failed Supernatural spinoffs. Supernatural ran for 15 seasons on The CW, starting in 2005 and ending during the COVID-19 pandemic. Though the series faced quite a lot of criticism for its ending, and also its length and story in general, there have been hints that the series is making its return.

When it was first revealed that Supernatural season 16 was possible, theories immediately began to spread about what this next installment would look like. The finale of Supernatural had a fairly complete ending, with Dean being killed on a regular vampire hunt and Sam growing old with his family. However, if the series were to continue, these facts would need to be erased, or at least changed in some way. Time travel, and parallel universes have each been proposed as starting points, however, Supernatural season 16 has the opportunity to explore other stories as well, apart from Sam and Dean.


Supernatural Season 16 Is Finally Possible After The CW’s Disappointing TV Show Cancellation

Now that The CW has canceled one of their biggest shows, Jared Padalecki’s Walker, there is room for Supernatural season 16 to fill in that gap.

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Supernatural Season 16 Can Easily Bring Back The Winchesters’ Cast

The Winchesters could crossover with Supernatural

Although continuing the story of Sam and Dean is important for the creation of Supernatural season 16, this new season has the chance to follow up on other stories as well. For example, The Winchesters. The Winchesters is a Supernatural spinoff series that followed the origin story of the Winchesters’ parents, John and Mary, and their friends. The series only got one season on The CW in 2022 before being canceled. However, Supernatural season 16 could give them one last hurrah. And as it turns out, this could work within the Supernatural universe in a variety of ways.

First and foremost, Dean Winchester acted as a sort of narrator and guide in The Winchesters. Depending on how Supernatural season 16 tackles Dean’s death, this could easily be part of the canon. Perhaps Dean is resurrected and tells Sam about what he saw, and they somehow get sucked into the past. Or, if Dean’s death is erased by the new season, the brothers could still somehow get a peek into the past via a multiverse.

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Supernatural Season 16 Can Also Make The Wayward Sisters A Bigger Deal

The Wayward Sisters can have their spotlight

The cast of Supernatural's "Wayward Sisters" sitting around a table together eating and drinking

The Winchesters isn’t the only Supernatural spinoff that season 16 could delve into. In 2018, Wayward Sisters was an episode of Supernatural that was intended to be a backdoor pilot for an entire spinoff series. Unfortunately, the show was never actually picked up, despite serious interest from the Supernatural community for an all-female Supernatural series. The show followed Jody Mills and her group of adopted daughters, including Claire Novak and Alex Jones. Just like The Winchesters, Wayward Sisters never truly got its chance to shine, but luckily, Supernatural season 16 could be its second chance.

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Wayward Sisters would be very easy to include in Supernatural season 16. In a show where nearly every character dies at some point, the cast of Wayward Sisters all managed to survive until the end of the series. And as per usual, the Winchesters will likely need help with whatever they are doing in the new season. Therefore, the Wayward Sisters could return as a part of the Winchesters’ next battle. Perhaps they could even get another episode of their own. But regardless, seeing their return would be incredibly satisfying, and would make up for the previous failure to launch.

Supernatural Season 16 Is Likely The Only Way Past Spinoffs Can Continue

This is Supernatural’s last chance

While it may seem like a waste of time to use the precious episodes of Supernatural season 16 on spinoffs, it is imperative that it happens. Supernatural season 16 may be the franchise’s last shot at more Supernatural and more of these spinoffs. Both The Winchesters and Wayward Sisters are not likely to return on their own, and after enough time has passed, they will be forgotten. It isn’t even clear whether Supernatural season 16 will spark more seasons or if it will just be a one-off. Therefore, these new episodes need to be used wisely.

Supernatural season 16 was first hinted at during the 2023 Creation Honolulu Convention.

Overall, Supernatural season 16 is a chance to do things right. Supernatural fans have long had their own opinions on the characters and the stories, and perhaps this could be an opportunity to listen to them. Furthermore, Supernatural season 16 can ensure that mistakes from the past are not made again. In some ways, this could be the best season of Supernatural. However, choices will have to be made, and hopefully, the season can honor what was best about the series as a whole.

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