Oft-requested feature is coming to Apple Maps with iOS 18 release later this year


Oft-requested feature is coming to Apple Maps with iOS 18 release later this year

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According to MacRumors, with iOS 18 installed, Apple Maps users might be able to create their own custom routes which is something that they cannot do presently. An iOS 18 file titled “CustomRouteCreation” has been pushed by Apple to the back end of the Apple Maps app and the title does give away plenty of information. But outside of the file name, all we know is that at launch, the feature will be limited to use in the U.S.

Why would you want to create a custom route? Well, you might be used to taking a specific road and would prefer to travel on it, or a particular route might be more scenic or pass more bathrooms, or be near more shopping options or restaurants. Currently, Apple’s chief rival, Google Maps, has a process to allow users to create custom routes. This requires the user to employ his/her computer and then view this route on an iPhone. It sounds like Apple’s implementation is going to be much easier to use.


It seems that iPhone users have been hounding Apple over the years to add this capability to Apple Maps. As far back as December 2020, Apple community member cowboyf16 asked in the discussions forum, “In Apple Maps, is there a way to create a custom route? For example, we like to drive scenic drives down multiple roads with no distinct destination.”

We should get our first look at iOS 18 on Monday, June 10th during the WWDC 2024 Keynote. Shortly afterward, the public beta program for iOS 18 will start and you’ll have to decide whether to install it on your iPhone or wait until September when the final version of the software should be released. Keep in mind that beta releases are unstable and certain features that you rely on every day might not work at times if you install the iOS 18 beta.

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