Official Microsoft Surface replacement parts


Official Microsoft Surface replacement parts

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This month, Microsoft announced the availability of replacement components for its Surface devices making them available for purchase from the official Microsoft Store. For Microsoft Surface Pro 9, you can now purchase replacement items such as kickstand, display, removable solid-state drive (rSSD), battery, Surface connect charging port, back cover, speakers, thermal module, front and rear camera, camera and Surface Wi-Fi, power and volume buttons, and the SSD door.

“We are excited to announce that replacement components for Surface devices are now available in the Microsoft Store. As a team, we are committed to delivering what customers want and need in a premium device including versatility, performance, advanced design, build quality, and repairability. Our approach to repair is to expand the options for customers to repair their devices. in a safe and sustainable way.”

Official Surface replacement parts

“While we have always offered world-class repair and warranty services through Microsoft Support, we are working to increase repair options by designing products that are easy to fix and expanding our network of authorized service providers. As part of this larger initiative, we are excited to offer replacement components to consumers who need They are technically inclined to self-repair out of warranty.

Find more information on Surface device troubleshooting and self-repair, as well as a list of available replacement components by device, and links to service manuals and related tools from iFixit. When you purchase a replacement component, you will receive the part and associated side components (such as bolts if applicable). Tools needed for repair are sold separately by iFixit. It is imperative that you follow the instructions in the applicable Microsoft service guide or article.

Replacement components will initially be available for purchase through the Microsoft Store in the US, Canada and France, while commercial resellers in all Surface markets will have access through existing channels. We will have updates on additional markets in the future. “

For a full list of all the components now available from Microsoft for a range of Surface devices, head over to the official Windows Blog by following the link below.

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