ODROID-H4 affordable Intel Alder Lake-N mini PC from $99


ODROID-H4 affordable Intel Alder Lake-N mini PC from $99

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In recent years, the world of personal computing has witnessed a significant shift towards compact, efficient, and affordable systems. As users increasingly prioritize portability, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, mini PCs have emerged as a popular choice for a wide range of applications. These small form factor computers offer the essential functionalities of a desktop PC while occupying minimal space and consuming less power. The ODROID-H4 series stands out as a fantastic new addition to this growing market, combining the power of Intel’s Alder Lake-N processors with an affordable price point.

Intel Alder Lake-N

The ODROID-H4 series, developed by Hardkernel, comprises three distinct models: the ODROID-H4, ODROID-H4+, and the ODROID-H4 Ultra. Each of these mini PCs is designed to cater to different user needs and budgets, offering a versatile platform for home media centers, lightweight gaming, office tasks, and more. The series leverages the capabilities of Intel’s Alder Lake-N processors, ensuring efficient performance and low power consumption. With a starting price of just $99 for the base model, the ODROID-H4 series offers unparalleled value in the mini PC market.

  • Processor: Intel Alder Lake-N (ODROID-H4), Intel N97 (ODROID-H4+), Intel i3-N305 (ODROID-H4 Ultra)
  • Memory Support: DDR5
  • Storage Options: NVMe SSD support
  • Video Outputs: HDMI, Dual DisplayPort
  • Size: NUC-sized, 120 x 120mm (4.7 × 4.7 inches)
  • Cooling: Large open-air heat sink
  • Additional Features: 4x SATA III ports (ODROID-H4+ and ODROID-H4 Ultra)
  • Starting Price: $99 (ODROID-H4)

ODROID-H4 Gaming Performance

One of the standout features of the ODROID-H4 series is its support for DDR5 memory, which provides faster speeds and improved bandwidth compared to its predecessor, DDR4. This advancement in memory technology contributes to the overall responsiveness and performance of the system, enabling smooth multitasking and efficient handling of demanding applications. Additionally, the inclusion of NVMe SSD support further enhances the speed and storage capabilities of these mini PCs, allowing for quick boot times and rapid data access.

Mini PC Connectivity

The ODROID-H4 series also excels in terms of connectivity and display options. With HDMI and dual DisplayPort outputs, users can connect multiple high-resolution displays, facilitating productive multitasking and immersive visual experiences. This versatility makes the ODROID-H4 series suitable for a wide range of scenarios, from home entertainment setups to professional workstations.

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Fanless Design and Thermal Management

A notable aspect of the ODROID-H4 series is its fanless design, which relies on a large open-air heat sink for thermal management. This approach offers several advantages over traditional fan-based cooling solutions. Firstly, the absence of moving parts contributes to a silent operation, making these mini PCs ideal for noise-sensitive environments such as bedrooms, libraries, or recording studios. Secondly, the fanless design minimizes dust accumulation within the system, reducing maintenance requirements and prolonging the lifespan of the components.

The efficient thermal management of the ODROID-H4 series ensures that the processors remain cool even under heavy workloads, preventing throttling and maintaining optimal performance. This reliability and stability make these mini PCs suitable for continuous operation, such as in digital signage, kiosks, or home server applications.


Pricing and Availability

One of the most compelling aspects of the ODROID-H4 series is its affordable pricing. The base model, the ODROID-H4, starts at an impressively low price of $99, making it the most affordable fanless Alder Lake-N PC currently available on the market. The ODROID-H4+ and ODROID-H4 Ultra, with their enhanced features and additional SATA III ports, are priced slightly higher but still represent excellent value for their capabilities.

The ODROID-H4 series is available for purchase directly from Hardkernel, with shipping originating from South Korea. Potential buyers should consider shipping costs and delivery times when placing an order, as these factors may vary depending on their location.

The ODROID-H4 series represents a significant milestone in the evolution of mini PCs, offering a compelling combination of performance, affordability, and versatility. With its range of models catering to different user needs and budgets, this series opens up new possibilities for compact computing in various settings, from home entertainment to professional workspaces.

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As the demand for efficient and cost-effective computing solutions continues to grow, the ODROID-H4 series is poised to make a lasting impact on the mini PC market, providing users with a powerful and accessible option for their computing needs. For more information on availability and full specifications jump over to the  official Hardkernel ODROID-H4 product page.

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