Nigerians Voice Concerns Over Further Price Hikes 


Nigerians Voice Concerns Over Further Price Hikes 

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Nigerians have expressed their concerns over the government’s approval conveyed by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), of an increase in electricity rates for consumers falling under Band A, citizens have expressed their concerns regarding the announcement. 

The Vice Chairman of NERC, Musliu Oseni, disclosed this via a statement on Wednesday, indicating that the tariff adjustment would raise the rate for customers to N225 per kilowatt hour, up from the existing N66. 

Oseni also mentioned that, due to the failure to meet the required electricity supply hours, some customers in Band A have been reclassified to Band B by the commission. The implementation of this order commences immediately and applies solely to the less than 15% of customers within the NESI (Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry), thus sparing customers in other bands from the review. 

However, despite these clarifications, Nigerians have taken to social media platforms to express their reservations, stating that this hike may exacerbate the already elevated cost of living. 

Shehu Sani 

“Increasing electricity tariffs by 300% will finally electrocute human lives and businesses in the country.” 

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