New DallE 3 update adds image editing and optimization


New DallE 3 update adds image editing and optimization

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OpenAI has just released its latest update to ChatGPT DallE 3, bringing with it a wealth of new fixes tricks and enhancements for users to enjoy. The latest DallE 3 update includes new features such as precise image editing and optimization capabilities. With this update, users now have the power to interact with the AI to make specific changes to images, such as adding accessories to animals or transforming landscapes, opening up a realm of possibilities previously unimaginable.

DallE 3 Update April 2024

Image Editing and Image Optimization

DallE 3 image editing

One of the most remarkable features of DallE 3’s latest update is the ability to select and modify specific elements within an AI-generated image. Imagine the ease with which you can add a pair of sunglasses to a golden retriever or a top hat to a cat, achieving a level of customization that was once considered out of reach. This leap forward brings DallE 3 into the realm of traditional image editing software, seamlessly merging the power of AI innovation with the precision of user-directed control. The implications of this advancement are far-reaching, as it empowers users to create highly personalized and unique images tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

Intuitive User Interface

DallE 3 selecting an area of an image to editDallE 3 selecting an area of an image to edit

To ensure that users can fully harness the potential of these advanced image editing capabilities, the update introduces a user interface that echoes the familiarity of leading image editing tools like Photoshop. Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps into the world of image editing or a seasoned professional looking to streamline your workflow, you’ll find the process of making detailed adjustments straightforward and accessible. The intuitive design of the interface minimizes the learning curve, allowing users to focus on their creative vision rather than grappling with complex tools and settings. This enhancement aims to simplify the image editing journey, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for users of all skill levels.

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Refined AI Prompting

In addition to the image editing capabilities, the DallE 3 update also introduces enhanced prompting options that enable more contextually aware image generation. Users can now provide the AI with specific directions and contexts for the images they envision, resulting in more precise and customized outputs. This refinement in AI prompting streamlines the creative process, saving users valuable time and effort in achieving their desired results. By leveraging the power of contextual awareness, DallE 3 can generate images that align more closely with the user’s intentions, reducing the need for extensive revisions and iterations.

Flexible Aspect Ratio Options

Another notable enhancement in the DallE 3 update is the introduction of flexible aspect ratio options, breaking free from the previous square format limitation. Users can now choose from a range of aspect ratio settings to accommodate diverse image dimensions, catering to a variety of needs and platforms. Whether you’re creating content for social media, designing advertisements, or working on personal projects, DallE 3 allows you to tailor the aspect ratio to your specific requirements. This flexibility empowers users to create visually striking images that seamlessly integrate with their intended platforms and purposes.

Quick Editing Images Guide for DallE 3

Accessing the DALL·E Editor

  • Click on an image generated by DALL·E to access the editor interface.
  • This interface allows for direct edits on generated images.

Understanding the Editor Interface

  • Selection Tool Size: Adjust at the top-left to easily highlight the desired editing area. A larger selection area is recommended for better results.
  • Undo and Redo: Use these buttons above the image to correct your selection process.
  • Clear Selection: Clears your current selection so you can start over.
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Editing Techniques

  • Adding Elements: After highlighting the desired area, describe what you want to add (e.g., “Add cherry blossoms”).
  • Removing Elements: Highlight the object you wish to remove and use a prompt like “remove birds”.
  • Updating Elements: To change specific characteristics, highlight the area and describe the change (e.g., “change the cat’s expression to happy”).

Saving Your Edits

  • Use the Save button on the top-right corner of the editor to save your edited image.

Conversational Editing (Without Selection Tool)

  • Directly provide a prompt in the conversation panel to describe your desired edit.
  • For area-specific edits without the selection tool, include the area description in your prompt (e.g., “make the sky blue”).

Editing on ChatGPT Mobile App

  • Accessing the Editor: Select an edited image to open the editing interface.
  • Editing Options: Choose “Edit” to enter a prompt or “Select” to use the selection tool.
    • Adjust the selection tool size with the slider on the left.
    • Undo or redo selections with the buttons at the bottom.
  • Completing Edits: After making selections, use the conversation panel to describe the changes for the selected areas.

Advanced Image Editing Using DallE 3

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