More tvOS 18 Beta 3 Features Revealed


More tvOS 18 Beta 3 Features Revealed

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More tvOS 18 Beta 3 Features Revealed

Apple has released tvOS 18 Beta 3, introducing a wealth of new features and enhancements that significantly improve the user experience on Apple TV. This update brings improvements to various apps and functionalities, including the TV app, Podcast app, Apple Music integration, and more. With a focus on enhancing content discovery, accessibility, and personalization, tvOS 18 Beta 3 aims to provide users with a seamless and enjoyable entertainment experience. The video below from HotshotTek gives us more details on the latest beta.

One of the notable additions in tvOS 18 Beta 3 is the introduction of machine learning enhancements for dialogue and captions. These improvements ensure that users can enjoy clearer and more accurate audio, making it easier to follow along with their favorite shows and movies. Additionally, the beta introduces new screen saver options, allowing users to personalize their Apple TV with visually appealing and customizable backgrounds.

Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, also receives a significant upgrade in tvOS 18 Beta 3. With the introduction of Siri on-demand capabilities, users can now access offline functionality for common commands, ensuring that they can control their Apple TV even without an internet connection. This feature proves particularly useful for those who frequently experience connectivity issues or prefer to use their Apple TV in areas with limited internet access.

TV App Enhancements

  • Long-hold feature for accessing detailed information about movies and shows
  • New splash screens for an enhanced visual experience when launching content
  • Improved library navigation for easier organization of favorite media

Podcast App Improvements

  • New splash screen on launch for a fresh look
  • Bug fixes for improved performance and stability
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Apple Music Integration

  • Track syncing from shows to playlists for easy song discovery and addition
  • QR code DJing feature for collaborative music sharing and playback

The Controller app also receives notable updates, including a new “More to Explore” tab that offers curated content and personalized recommendations. Machine learning enhancements improve actor identification and music tracking, while noise reduction technology ensures that dialogue remains clear and easily understandable.

Accessibility features also receive significant attention in tvOS 18 Beta 3. Auto captions now automatically display when the TV is muted, ensuring that users never miss important dialogue. Additionally, the captions can translate foreign languages to English, making international content more accessible to a wider audience.

The Photo Library app has been updated to provide an improved sharing experience, making it easier for users to relive and share their cherished memories. New dialogue features enhance the playback of home videos, adding an extra layer of nostalgia and enjoyment to the viewing experience.

Personalization options have also been expanded in tvOS 18 Beta 3. Users can now enjoy new portrait mode screen savers, allowing them to customize their Apple TV’s appearance to their liking. Quick access to change screen savers has been added, and a delightful Snoopy screen saver is set to debut soon, adding a touch of whimsy to the Apple TV experience.

FaceTime, Apple’s video calling app, also receives enhancements in tvOS 18 Beta 3. Live captions are now available during calls, improving accessibility and making conversations easier to follow. Hands-free gestures have been introduced, allowing users to control and interact with their video calls more intuitively.

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For those with smart home setups, tvOS 18 Beta 3 introduces the ability to manually select the default Smart Hub for home appliances. This feature gives users greater control over their smart home ecosystem, ensuring that their devices work seamlessly with their Apple TV.

Compatibility remains consistent, with devices that support tvOS 17 also supporting tvOS 18. Apple is expected to release the public beta next week, giving users the opportunity to test out these new features and improvements firsthand. The official release of tvOS 18 is scheduled for mid-September, coinciding with the launch of new Apple TV hardware.

Overall, tvOS 18 Beta 3 represents a significant step forward in enhancing the Apple TV experience. With its focus on content discovery, accessibility, personalization, and smart home integration, this update promises to deliver a more immersive, enjoyable, and user-friendly entertainment experience for Apple TV users.

Source & Image Credit: HotshotTek

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