Mix 2 Titanium EDC Ruler multitool


Mix 2 Titanium EDC Ruler multitool

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Mix 2 Titanium EDC Ruler multitool

The Mix 2 Titanium EDC Ruler is a multi-functional tool designed for both enthusiasts and professionals. It combines the features of a traditional ruler with additional capabilities, making it a versatile instrument for various tasks. Just when you need it you can reach into your pocket and pull out a sleek, compact tool that not only measures with pinpoint accuracy but also adjusts to fit nuts and bolts for quick fixes. This is the Mix 2 Titanium EDC Ruler, a tool designed to make your life easier and your work more accurate.

Crafted from durable titanium alloy, this ruler is not just about functionality; it’s also a statement of style. With copper accents and available in gold and rose gold colors, it’s a tool you’ll be proud to display. But what sets it apart is its telescopic capability. It can extend up to 18 cm, allowing you to measure longer distances without the bulk of traditional tools. Once you’re done, it retracts to a size that fits comfortably in your pocket, ready for the next task.

Early bird discounts are now available for the ground-breaking project from roughly $99 or £79 (depending on current exchange rates). You’ll appreciate the dual metric and imperial scales, which cater to whichever system you prefer. The choice is yours, and you can decide after the campaign ends, ensuring that your ruler feels tailored to your needs. The markings are CNC machined, which means they’re precise and easy to read, so you can trust the measurements you take.

EDC Ruler Multitool

Titanium EDC Ruler features

But the Mix 2 Titanium EDC Ruler isn’t just a ruler. It doubles as an adjustable spanner, so you can tackle minor repairs without having to search for another tool. The design includes a small knob that lets you adjust and lock the measurement length, adding to its practicality.

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The ruler’s elegance is matched by its utility. It features magnets that keep it stable and aligned during use, enhancing the accuracy of your measurements. The retractable design and integrated cord buckle make it easy to carry and use on the go.

Assuming that the Mix 2 funding campaign successfully raises its required pledge goal and manufacturing progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime around June 2024. To learn more about the Mix 2 Titanium EDC Ruler project inspect the promotional video below.

This tool is more than just a ruler; it’s a versatile instrument that adapts to your needs, whether you’re in a workshop or out in the field. It’s a sophisticated addition to your everyday carry, ensuring you’re always prepared for a variety of measuring and repair tasks. With the Mix 2 Titanium EDC Ruler, you have a reliable partner that keeps pace with your dynamic needs.

For a complete list of all available early bird specials, stretch goals, extra media and design parameters for the Titanium EDC Ruler, jump over to the official Mix 2 crowd funding campaign page by checking out the link below.

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Disclaimer: Participating in Kickstarter campaigns involves inherent risks. While many projects successfully meet their goals, others may fail to deliver due to numerous challenges. Always conduct thorough research and exercise caution when pledging your hard-earned money.

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