MIC 350 live broadcast microphone


MIC 350 live broadcast microphone

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AVerMedia Technologies, famous for its first-class audio and video solutions, recently introduced its latest innovation, the AM350. This USB condenser microphone is the first of its kind DIRAC custom tuned. This exclusive tuning technology, along with great features, has raised the bar in the audio recording scene. Whether you are a podcaster, vocal performer, singer, or just someone who requires superior sound quality, AM350 live broadcast microphone It can definitely enhance your audio experience.

AM350 Streamer Microphone

the AM350 It comes with highly sensitive capsules and a sturdy metal cap. These elements contribute to the device’s ability to capture intricate audio details while providing enhanced robustness. Most notably, it has extremely low noise performance and includes a built-in pop filter to capture clean, clear sound.

Moreover, the user-friendly USB interface ensures a professional recording experience for users of all skill levels. The beauty of the AM350 is its simplicity. You can enjoy a superior recording experience without the hassle of extra equipment.

Advanced sound cutting and noise reduction technology

The AM350 was designed with the audiophile in mind. that it Advanced audio cutting technology It allows for unlimited vocal power, making it ideal for energetic conversations or powerful singing performances. The result is a distortion-free audio experience that captures your voice at its best. Moreover, its powerful noise reduction technology reduces background interference, providing professional recordings with minimal distractions and post-production time.

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Dual microphone pickup style design

In addition to its diverse list of features, the AM350 offers a dual microphone pickup pattern design, offering cardioid and omnidirectional modes for versatile recording. Easy-to-use studio controls facilitate latency-free monitoring via the built-in headphone output. In addition, switching between the microphone and system sounds is a breeze, allowing for complete control over your audio.

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Another noteworthy feature is the AM350’s ability to automatically save recent audio settings, eliminating the need for re-tuning on future uses. Simply, you can plug it in and start your recording session without skipping a beat.

Pair it with VibeEngine

To maximize your recording experience, pairing the AM350 with VibeEngine microphone software is highly recommended. VibeEngine allows you to customize sound settings or sound effects, meeting a variety of recording needs. The program also offers four custom DIRAC sound effects scenarios. These include settings optimized for chatting, music, broadcasting, and singing. With a simple press of a button, you can activate the corresponding voice filter effect, ensuring that your voice is presented in the best possible way.

Intuitive studio controls

The AM350 USB Microphone will be up for grabs starting June 22nd at a suggested retail price of $199.99. To celebrate the launch, AVerMedia is offering a limited edition combo deal. This includes the AM350 MIC package, shock mount, and pop filter for the same retail price of $199.99, which would normally cost you $267.97. In the realm of audio recording, the AM350 offers a harmonious blend of superior sound quality, user-friendly features, and professional performance. For more information, go to the official website by following the link below.

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