Maya Rudolph Returns As An Out Of Touch Billionaire In Equally Out Of Touch Comedy


Maya Rudolph Returns As An Out Of Touch Billionaire In Equally Out Of Touch Comedy

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  • Loot season 2 disappoints with weaker comedy and muddled messaging, straying from the promise of season 1.
  • Characters lose their relatability in season 2 as they prioritize wealth over charity, conflicting with the audience’s expectations.
  • Despite some fun moments and a strong finale, Loot season 2 struggles to maintain engagement and live up to its predecessor.


Loot embarks on its second season after a prolonged gap due to the writer’s strike. Unfortunately, the quality of the series took a dip. Loot season 1 was one of Apple TV+’s better offerings, a witty comedy that poked fun at the life of the outrageously rich, with Maya Rudolph playing the heartbroken housewife of a multi-billionaire who takes $87 billion dollars in their divorce due to his infidelity. The cast and chemistry were strong, and the storyline was compelling and fun.

Loot is a comedy series that follows a woman named Molly Wells who divorces her wealthy husband, with the end result making her one of the wealthiest women in the world. Feeling a disconnect with the world at large, Molly decides to take the reins on a charity foundation she created years ago as a means to give back to the world and find her purpose.


  • The rest of the cast is given more room to shine.
  • The final episode is the best entry of the season.

  • The story loses it’s way with lacking side plots.
  • The irony of a narrative about bad money from Apple.

Loot season 1 ended with Molly Wells (Maya Rudolph) promising to give away all of her money and reconnecting with her ex-husband. Loot season 2 has Molly deal with the fallout of her promises and her mistakes, while the season expands its focus to explore more of the lives of other characters as well. While it is still fun and lighthearted, season 2 doesn’t have the same sparkle as season 1, and takes almost the entire season to find its feet. However, the final episode ends on a strong note and helps to bring everything together.


Loot Stars Tease Romance & Maya Rudolph’s Stand Out Performance In Season 2

Loot stars Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, Nat Faxon, and Ron Funches discuss new romances, dream jobs, and collaborating with Maya Rudolph in season 2.

Love Is In The Air In Loot Season 2

Molly may have had a couple of romantic moments in Loot season 1, but the rest of the cast steps out of their comfort zone to find love in season 2. It opens up a more vulnerable and emotional side to the supporting characters, who become much more pivotal here. Molly is still central to the story, but she definitely steps to the side and that does change the dynamics in the show. Unfortunately, considering Rudolph’s talent and the main plot revolving around her character, this weakens season 2 overall.

There are heartwarming highs shared between the cast.

Loot season 2 still has some great highs, with unexpected romantic connections, and twists along the way. As Molly slowly manages to dissolve her fortune, and becomes more involved and an active part of her charity’s operations, there are heartwarming highs shared between the cast. However, some characters in Loot appear to have major shifts in their personality and attitude that send them in a new direction.

Rin Funches, Nat Faxon, and Joel Kim Booster all step up to take on more prominent roles in season 2 as the guys form solid connections and chase their own aspirations. Michaela Jaé (MJ) Rodriguez, who plays Sofia, also has her character developed more in season 2, but her role seems less important than in season 1. The other side characters, Rhonda and Ainsley, are still present purely in a capacity of playing the office weirdo and the outcast, respectively, but this fails to carry any weight and cheapens the experience of the other characters.

Who Is Loot Season 2’s Audience?

Howard (Ron Funches) and Arthur (Nat Faxon) working at a table together in “Loot” season two

Loot season 1 featured several characters that were relatable and served as an anchor for the audience. They had their quirks, but they also had their convictions, and as they all come face to face with a billionaire who lives lavishly and out of touch with the general population, they react how we might react. While they all remain in season 2, the characters have had their lives enhanced by money and things start to shift in big ways. However, this puts the show and its cast at odds with the audience.

A series dedicated to highlighting billionaires shouldn’t exist, produced by the multi-trillion dollar company that is Apple, was always going to run into issues.

Instead of down-to-earth characters who find themselves struggling to understand how far removed money makes the wealthy from the working class, everyone in season 2 chooses wealth and comfort over their work with the charity. Most dabble between both lifestyles, but overall, the message seems to have taken a sharp turn. Of course, a series dedicated to highlighting billionaires shouldn’t exist. Being produced by the multi-trillion dollar company that is Apple (via Fortune), it was always going to run into issues around messaging and how genuine it is.

Overall, Loot season 2 is not bad, but it fails to live up to what was promised in season 1. The comedy is weaker, the message has become muddled, and the characters have lost their conviction, so it’s hard for an audience to stay engaged. It does offer some fun moments, and the season finale is a high point that leaves us on another cliffhanger, but whether a cliffhanger is enough to keep the lights on in Loot remains to be seen.

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season 2 released its first two episodes on Apple TV+ on April 3rd, and the following episodes will be released weekly on the streaming platform.

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