Marvel Rivals game is a third person shooter in the style of Overwatch claims leak


Marvel Rivals game is a third person shooter in the style of Overwatch claims leak

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Which characters would you want to see in Marvel Rivals? (Picture: Marvel)

Multiple leaks suggest another Marvel game is in the the works, and this is one is supposed an online shooter that looks like Valorant.

Chinese publisher NetEase Games has already published a number of Marvel-related mobile games, such as Marvel Super War and Marvel Duel, and now it looks like they’re planning a more complex PC title using the same licence.

The new game is reportedly called Marvel Rivals and will supposedly be a 6v6 third person shooter that plays like Overwatch and looks like Valorant.

Marvel Rivals is rumoured to be in pre-alpha and will be a ‘6v6 Overwatch-style hero shooter’, featuring many familiar and less known characters from the Marvel universe. Which seems odd consider many Marvel characters don’t use guns.

The comparisons to Overwatch and Valorant have stuck because the game was originally rumoured to be a first person shooter, by the usually reliable leaker Kurakasis.

It’s the website TheStreamr which claims the game is actually third person, but they’ve been able to confirm a PC release, with nothing about consoles or mobile.

What they do know is that the game will supposedly include a mode called Escort, where you guide a convoy to a location and a King Of The Hill mode, where you gain points by maintaing control of an area.

The Streamr also said that there will be a map called Odin’s Vault and another based on a real-life city that’s not New York.

That alone suggests a fairly wide range of characters but doesn’t answer the question of why any of them would be relevant to a third person shooter. Does this mean we’re going to see Thor wielding an AK-47?

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It also brings to mind the disastrous Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, which is a third person shooter, where three out of the four playable characters never usually use guns in the comics.

Marvel video games haven’t seen much success over the years as, despite what you’d imagine, most of them except Spider-Man have tended to be flops. At least in terms of console and PC titles.

That hasn’t put off publishers from continuing to pursue the licence, with a number of games planned at the moment, including Marvel’s Wolverine from Sony, Marvel’s Blade from Xbox, untitled Iron Man and Black Panther games from EA, and Marvel 1943: Rise Of Hydra from the creator of Uncharted.

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