Logitech Blue Sona puts Shure SM7B to shame


Logitech Blue Sona puts Shure SM7B to shame

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Logitech Blue Sona puts Shure SM7B to shame

Logitech Blue Sona did something seemingly impossible by dethroning Shure SM7B. Now falling to its best price ever, the current discount undercuts its rival by over 37%. I can’t stress how good this deal is if you want truly unbeatable microphone quality.

Even if you’re not familiar with microphone brands, I can guarantee you’ll know Shure SM7B. The original SM7 debuted in 1973 and gained widespread popularity by capturing Michael Jackson’s dulcet tones, as well as Vincent Price’s iconic Thriller monologue. The SM7B revision followed in 2001 but performed identically, only adding a larger windshield. Even decades later, it’s the most popular microphone among podcasters and Twitch streamers, but I just can’t recommend it outside of music when Logitech Blue Sona beats it in every way.

Logitech Blue Sona product photo against a white background.

Logitech Blue Sona

“Blue Sona is an XLR dynamic microphone designed for streamers and podcasters, with ClearAmp technology, an innovative capsule, and a camera-ready aesthetic to bring out the best in every voice.”

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To follow in the footsteps of your favourite content creators, you’d first need to fork out $399 for Shure’s SM7B. Then, you’d need to pair it with either a premium preamp with enough oomph to power it or a separate device, like a Cloudlifter, to add some extra gain. The grand total starts to push double that for everything you’d need. Logitech Blue Sona, on the other hand, touts a similar silky smooth tone and only needs a basic preamp to run it. The $350 MSRP was already compelling, but this $249.99 deal on Amazon makes it an absolute bargain.

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If you’re wondering why I feel so strongly about this, it’s because I fell into the Shure SM7B trap once upon a time. The moment I wrote my 10/10 Logitech Blue Sona review, I never looked back. Beyond the sheer value, I also much prefer the cuboid design over the cylindrical one. The foam is even magnetic, making it easier to clean or replace than its rival.

Sadly, only the black model is on sale, and it’s a US-exclusive deal, but you do get the optional red foam in the box to add some flair. My personal recommendation is to pair it with a Razer Mixer, simply because I love some extra audio channels, but you could stick it with a Focusrite Scarlett Solo and be perfectly happy. You’ll also need to procure an XLR cable and a mic stand since Logitech doesn’t provide them, but the same is true for Shure’s selection.

I’ve tested just about every inch of the dynamic mic from its versatile ClearAmp tech that gives an extra 25dB to how it handles different equalisers. While I love the natural balance of the default, you might want to add a little bass for warmth, but that’s all preference. Fortunately, you can try it out for yourself using Amazon’s 30-day return window. If you’re not happy, just send it back within the month for a full refund.

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