Launched the new Arduino Nano ESP32 IoT microcontroller 18€


Launched the new Arduino Nano ESP32 IoT microcontroller 18€

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In an exciting twist to Internet of Things (IoT) Enthusiasts, Arduino has unveiled its latest offering: the Arduino Nano ESP32. This compact and powerful addition to the brand Nano family integrate easy to use And flexible The nature of the Arduino platform with the strengths of the low-power ESP32-S3 system-on-a-chip microcontroller, which promises an unprecedented experience in creating an IoT project. Watch the video below for a quick overview of its features and design.


Arduino Nano ESP32 feature

The Nano ESP32 distinguishes itself by facilitating the seamless use of micropython, an efficient and preferred programming language for IoT projects. Despite maintaining the tried-and-true nanoform factor, which measures just 45 x 18mm, it’s packed with many resources—from comprehensive documentation to a bustling community of fellow enthusiasts—to help you master MicroPython in no time.

Features and benefits

The Arduino Nano ESP32 offers a unique combination of features that make it the ideal microcontroller for a range of IoT applications, from home automation and gaming to education. Here’s why the Nano ESP32 stands out:

  • Small footprintThe design of the Nano ESP32 focuses on the well-known Nano form factor, which makes it well-suited for standalone projects due to its compact size.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivityEquipped with ESP32-S3 microcontrollers – a fan favorite in the IoT community – this board is completely Arduino ready and supports wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • MicroPython support: The device allows users to easily transition between Arduino and MicroPython programming. Arduino offers an introductory course intended for beginners into the world of MicroPython, and you can find more information on the documentation page.
  • Arduino IoT Cloud Compatibility: This feature, available from August 2023, allows you to create IoT projects with just a few lines of code. The setup takes care of security, allowing you to monitor and control your project from anywhere using the Arduino IoT Cloud app.
  • HID support: You can simulate human interface devices such as keyboards or mice via USB, and unlock new interaction possibilities with your computer.
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Endless applications for IoT innovation

The Nano ESP32 offers unlimited opportunities for IoT projects. Whether you are thinking of building a remote controlled home security system, making an interactive game for your kids, or challenging students to build their first smart object, this small but powerful device can turn your idea into reality. The goal here is not only to provide you with the best technology, but also to ensure an unparalleled user experience.

Unleash the potential of the Nano ESP32

With the Nano ESP32 you can develop, monitor and control your projects from anywhere with your favorite browser. Share data across multiple devices, easily integrate your gadgets with platforms like Alexa, and more. In addition, Arduino Cloud support for the Nano ESP32 is on the way by August 2023, simplifying your project implementation with a streamlined and easy-to-use platform.

Excitingly, you can now purchase a Arduino Nano ESP32 From the official Arduino online store for only 18 €. This innovative device isn’t just a step into a new world of open source projects and open people – it’s a leap. So, if you are ready to join the Arduino family or if you are an experienced member, Nano ESP32 is the perfect tool to bring your IoT vision to life.

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