Kai Cenat Denies Rape Accusations, Fires Back At Sneako With Shocking Revelation On Livestream


Kai Cenat Denies Rape Accusations, Fires Back At Sneako With Shocking Revelation On Livestream

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Popular streamer Kai Cenat reacts to the claims made by Sneako about him being accused of rape. Recently, Kai responded to one of Sneako’s videos in which Sneako discussed the rape accusations against Kai. Kai has finally responded, offering a reply to Sneako. Here’s what Kai said.

Read on to learn more about Kai Cenat’s reaction to Sneako’s rape allegations against him.

Streamer Sneako talks about rape allegations against Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat, known as one of the top streamers in the world with millions of followers on social media, found himself at the center of shocking claims made by another streamer, Sneako. This has prompted Kai to hit back at Sneako.

Sneako claimed that he supported Kai Cenat when the latter was accused of rape. Sneako said, “Yeah, Kai, because I defended you when you were getting accused of ra*e. When the entire internet turned their back on you and started dissing you, and started making fun of you and you needed support- I defended you because I knew that you were innocent.”

More about Sneako talking on rape accusations against Kai Cenat

While Sneako claimed that Kai Cenat was accused of rape, he also explained why he was sharing this information. He stated that Kai Cenat joined others in laughing at Sneako when the latter was facing difficulties on the internet and getting banned from various platforms.

Sneako said, “This same thing happens to me. I don’t have a YouTube channel anymore. Banned off everywhere. I just got banned on Instagram. I’m getting suppressed more than any other streamer and i need people that I’m cool with in real life to be supportive. And instead of being supportive when the whole internet turned on me, what did you do? You laughed and joined in. You joined the bandwagon because it was popular at the time to make fun of me.”

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Kai Cenat Responds to Sneako’s Claims Regarding Rape Accusations

No doubt, Sneako’s claims about rape accusations against Kai Cenat shocked everyone. However, Kai Cenat didn’t stay silent on the matter. He reacted to Sneako’s claims, stating that the accusations against him were false.

Kai said, “I didn’t get accused of it. Why did you bring that up? Look what happened to that sh**. S**t ended up being a whole lie. Nothing happened. Ain’t that crazy? The whole thing was a lie. I never touched back on that because it was provided to be lie. Jesus is my lord and suvior. S**t is crazy! Chat, y’all to be careful out there, dead a**!”

Meanwhile, Sneako had also accused Kai of ignoring him. In his video, he even brought up Kai’s partnership with Nike, calling him a “fake person”. It appeared that Sneako was referencing the incident during Kai Cenat’s 2023 party when Jovi Pena allegedly faced sexual assault.

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