Is There A Bakbattahl Portcrystal


Is There A Bakbattahl Portcrystal

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DD2 offers a unique form of fast traveling that will often have players taking an Oxcart from town to town. While this system seems mostly basic, Oxcarts have limited range and are also subject to raids from monsters while on the road.


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For those with a bit more money to spend, players can use Ferrystones to teleport themselves to Portcrystals, which is the ideal method for fast traveling over a longer distance. While reaching Bakbattahl is a long hike, many players may be looking for the nearest Portcrystal to activate before leaving the city.

Is There a Portcrystal In Bakbattahl

Unfortunately, there is no natural Portcrystal for players to find in Bakbattahl, and one is not found anywhere near the city. While there is not a Portcrystal already in the city, players can place additional Portcrystals at any location on the map they desire, with Bakbattahl being one of the first and most important locations for players to place one.


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Placing A Portcrystal in Bakbattahl

The Player Using A Placed Portcrystal

For those who reached the Battahl region through progressing the main story, Captain Brant will have given the Arisen a Portcrystal after completing “Feast Of Deception.” Players can also get an early game Portcrystal at Bay Wayside Shrine, along the eastern section of the map, while heading south to Battahl. This shrine uses its own currency to get a Portcrystal, making it a bit more difficult than Brant’s.

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Should a Portcrystal already be placed, returning to it and interacting with it will let players pick it up, place it back in their inventory, and place it anywhere else again as if it were new. Bakbattahl is one of the best places for a Portcrystal, as it is right about dead center of the map for Dragon’s Dogma 2. As players progress the story, there are multiple main quests that revolve around this town, making a fast travel point back to it a key tool in progressing the story.

Until players reach the third and final region of the game, Bakbattahl will also act as the much better hub town when compared to Vernworth. Players should return to this town often to purchase high-end gear and items.

Ferrystones are needed to utilize Portcrystals and should be stocked up. These, of course, cost a lot of gold, which players should be able to make quickly with the right strategy.


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