iPhone 15 to get the UWB Chip for Apple Vision Pro


iPhone 15 to get the UWB Chip for Apple Vision Pro

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Apple Vision Pro was unveiled at WWDC 2023 earlier this month, and the new Apple AR headset will come in early 2024, and now it has been revealed that the new iPhone 15 smartphones will get a new UWB chip to enhance integration with the AR headset.

This news comes from respected Apple analyst Mingi-Chi Kuop who revealed more information about the new UWB chip and iPhone 15 smartphones, you can check out more details below.

Apple will aggressively upgrade hardware specifications to build a more competitive Vision Pro ecosystem. tOne of the key success factors for Vision Pro is the ecosystem, including integration with other Apple hardware products, and the related key hardware specifications are Wi-Fi and UWB.

The iPhone 15 will likely see an upgrade to the UWB specification, with the production process moving from 16nm to a more advanced 7nm, allowing for improved performance or reduced power consumption for close interactions.

The new iPhones are expected to launch sometime in September with iOS 17, and there will be four models in the lineup, 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max, and the phones will get a wide range of updates over the current iPhone.

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