iOS 18 features expected to announced at WWDC 2024 by Apple


iOS 18 features expected to announced at WWDC 2024 by Apple

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In a few months time at WWDC 2024 Apple is expected to announce its next generation mobile operating system in the form of the highly anticipated iOS 18, which is expected to be a significant update for the iPhone. The iOS 18 update is expected to focus heavily on artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements, particularly with Siri, aiming to improve user productivity and interaction. Additionally, iOS 18 is rumored to introduce a redesigned home screen with more customization options and support for Rich Communication Services (RCS) to enhance messaging with Android devices.  Here is a quick overview of some of the features that might be announced by Apple :

AI and Siri Enhancements

Central to iOS 18 is a significant upgrade to Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. The forthcoming enhancements are designed to make interactions with Siri more natural and personalized. You’ll be able to converse with Siri as you would with a human assistant, receiving responses that are tailored to your individual preferences and usage patterns. This advancement in AI technology will enable Siri to understand context, learn from your behavior, and provide more accurate and relevant information. For instance, if you frequently ask Siri about your daily schedule, it will proactively offer reminders and suggestions based on your habits.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration: iOS 18 is expected to significantly leverage AI technologies, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Siri 2.0: A major revamp of Siri aimed at making it more capable and powerful. Enhancements include improved conversational awareness, a larger context window, and the ability to learn user preferences. The update aims to streamline interactions, such as executing compound commands.
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Productivity and Performance

  • Enhanced Digital Assistant: Focus on productivity enhancements to help users be more efficient throughout their day. This does not necessarily mean a GPT-style chatbot but a more capable Siri for routine tasks.
  • Use of External AI Providers: Potential for Siri to leverage external AI backends like Google’s Gemini or partnerships for specific markets (e.g., Buu for China) for enhanced query responses.
  • Dedicated AI App Store: Rumored consideration for a specialized App Store for AI applications, allowing users to access diverse AI services directly from Siri.

Apple iOS 18 Expected Features

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Communication and Connectivity

Another groundbreaking feature rumored to be part of iOS 18 is the integration of Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging. This addition will streamline communication between iPhone and Android users, allowing for the exchange of high-quality media and providing read receipts across platforms. RCS will bridge the gap between different mobile ecosystems, ensuring that you can enjoy a consistent and feature-rich messaging experience regardless of the recipient’s device. Whether you’re sending photos, videos, or engaging in group chats, RCS will elevate your messaging capabilities to new heights.

  • RCS Support: Confirmation of Rich Communication Services (RCS) being integrated into iOS, improving texting experience with Android users. This includes sending higher quality photos and videos over Wi-Fi without relying on a cellular connection.

User Interface and Experience

Personalization takes center stage with the new update, offering you unprecedented control over your iPhone’s home screen layout. This customization extends to the functionality of your device, potentially boosting your productivity and enhancing the overall user experience. iOS 18 is expected to introduce a wide range of customizable widgets, allowing you to access essential information and controls without even unlocking your phone. From weather updates and calendar events to quick access to your favorite apps, the possibilities for personalization are endless. Additionally, rumors suggest that iOS 18 will offer deeper integration with third-party apps, enabling you to tailor your iPhone to your specific needs and preferences.

  • Redesigned Home Screen: Near free placement of apps, allowing for a more customized and personalized home screen layout, akin to Android’s flexibility. This includes placing apps in any row or column and leaving blank spaces between them.
  • Interactive Widgets and Customization: Continued enhancements to home screen customization options, including interactive widgets and the ability to set custom app icons.
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Miscellaneous Features

  • AI-generated Playlists and Recommendations: In Apple Music, for a more personalized listening experience.
  • Grammar Corrections and Autocomplete: Enhancements in the iOS suite for more efficient typing and text management.
  • Device Support: iOS 18 will support the same range of devices as iOS 17, extending back to iPhone XS, XR, SE2, and SE3 models.

Additional Considerations

  • Partnerships and Licensing: Apple’s strategic partnerships for AI and search functionalities could open up new capabilities within iOS, beyond what’s been internally developed.
  • Privacy and Security: As with any major iOS update, expect enhancements in privacy and security features, although specific details were not mentioned in the overview provided

The official announcement and possible release of iOS 18 are scheduled for June 10th, 2024, at WWDC and as always we will keep you up to speed on all the new announcements, leaks and news.

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