iOS 17.4 Features You Should Turn Off


iOS 17.4 Features You Should Turn Off

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iOS 17.4 Features You Should Turn Off

With the rollout of iOS 17.4, iPhone users across the globe are welcomed with a suite of new features and improvements designed to enhance security, social connectivity, and overall device management. If you’re keen on understanding which of these newly introduced functionalities might be best left inactive for your usage, you will be pleased to know we’ve got you covered. Here’s a deep dive video from Payette Forward into iOS 17.4, highlighting which features might be worth toggling off and why.

Stolen Device Protection

A landmark update in security in iOS 17.4, Stolen Device Protection limits access to your phone’s sensitive information to biometric authentication alone. It’s a boon for those finding themselves in less familiar environments. However, for individuals who rarely face such scenarios, having it enabled continuously may not be necessary. For an optimal blend of security and convenience, activating this feature is best reserved for journeys into unknown territories.

Collaborative Playlists in Apple Music

The latest feature in Apple Music allows your friends to sprinkle some of their musical taste into your playlists. Should you treasure crafting your playlists solo, this social feature might seem more like an unwelcome guest. Fortunately, a quick adjustment in settings keeps your playlists exclusively yours.

Notification Sound Changes

The introduction of a new default notification sound might tempt you to dive into customization. However, if a consistent auditory backdrop is what you prefer, the charm of the new tones might quickly fade, making the original sounds more appealing. Adhering to the classics ensures your notifications remain pleasantly familiar.

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Inline Predictions for Text

This feature, designed to streamline typing by suggesting text, may at times disrupt your thought process with unexpected suggestions. If you find these interruptions more bothersome than beneficial, disabling the feature restores your uninterrupted typing flow.

Siri Enhancements

Siri’s capabilities have expanded to include automatic message sending and multilingual message reading. If manual control over these interactions is more your speed, or privacy is a concern, it might be prudent to disable these enhancements.

AirTag Sharing

The convenience of sharing your AirTag’s location in iOS 17.4 might be overshadowed by privacy concerns. If the idea of someone else tracking your possessions unnerves you, it’s best to keep this feature turned off for peace of mind.

Apple Vision Pro Settings

For aficionados eager to explore spatial 3D video recording, this feature is groundbreaking. Yet, the average user might find the storage requirements and learning curve outweigh the practical benefits.

Live Translation for iPhone 15 Pro

This feature is an asset for those engaged in multilingual dialogues, offering instant translation at the push of a button. However, if your day-to-day communication doesn’t involve language barriers, disabling it can help save battery life.

System Services Settings

These settings suggest various strategies for extending your battery’s lifespan, but they may not align with everyone’s usage patterns. Tailoring active services to fit personal preferences can help conserve energy without diminishing your device’s utility.

Emergency Alerts and Local Awareness

The precision of emergency alerts can be enhanced by utilizing your location, a feature with clear safety benefits. However, if privacy is a top concern, it might be worth reassessing this function.

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AppleCare and Warranty Section

This new section simplifies managing your device’s coverage. While it’s not something to disable, being familiar with it ensures you’re fully utilizing your device’s support features.

Tailoring iOS 17.4 to suit your lifestyle and needs is straightforward with these guidelines. Technology shines brightest when it mirrors individual preferences and lifestyles, allowing for a harmonious balance between user and device.

EU Regulations on Sideloading

Particularly relevant for European Union residents, this regulation opens the door to third-party app stores, broadening the spectrum of available apps. Despite the allure, prudent assessment of app sources is essential to maintain device security and integrity.

As we navigate through the myriad of options iOS 17.4 offers, understanding which features to embrace and which to disable can significantly enhance our digital experience. It’s about creating a balance that resonates with our personal and professional lives, ensuring our devices amplify our capabilities without encroaching on our preferences.

Harnessing the power of iOS 17.4 is a journey of personalization and informed choices. By considering the impact of each feature on your daily routine, you can mold your device into a tool that truly complements your lifestyle. Remember, in the world of technology, one size does not fit all, and your iPhone is no exception. The current version of Apple’s iOS is iOS 17.4, which fixes a range of bugs from iOS 17.4.

Source & Image Credit: Payette Forward

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