Incredible New Frieren Cosplay Shows How The Fantasy Heroine’s Spells Could Work In Live Action


Incredible New Frieren Cosplay Shows How The Fantasy Heroine’s Spells Could Work In Live Action

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  • Frieren cosplay wows with intricate props and magic sigils, bringing the elven mage to life in stunning detail.
  • Artist MinPinMakes captures the essence of Frieren with magical staff and spell sigil in impressive cosplay photos.
  • The attention to detail in this cosplay shows that even amateur creators can faithfully recreate props from anime worlds.


Magic inhabits every part of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, and one cosplay was able to bring its spells into the real world with some clever work. Photos of the costume work were posted on Reddit. There one could see not only a close imitation of the popular elven mage, but also the magic sigils that precede a blast of energy.

Cosplays of the adorable elf Frieren are common, thanks to the popularity of Madhouse’s adaptation. This one, however, stands out for the effort that has gone into the extra props that help accentuate Frieren’s design.

If the anime ever made the jump to live-action, these images should help provide some reference for what magic and magic staffs would look like in real-life lighting.


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Frieren Cosplay Dazzles with Her Signature Spell

Zoltraak formula and magic staff join model in photoshoot

According to the Reddit post, the props were created by “MinPinMakes”, while the model is known as “daniellesgalaxy”. Unique to this cosplay is the presence of a magic sigil, recognizable as the one that unleashes the projectile spell “Zoltraak” in Frieren. In a second photo, daniellesgalaxy also holds an excellent recreation of the elf’s magic staff. These extra details show the extra effort the photographer went to make a model not only look like Frieren, but also pose like the beloved anime protagonist as well.

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With magic such a major element of the anime, it is important to have it portrayed in some fashion when done by live actors, cosplayers or otherwise. While a Frieren live-action show remains in the realm of imagination, MinPinMakes does show that even an amateur creator can faithfully recreate other props in the anime. Computer graphics may make it easy for any show to produce blasts of energy for a fight scene, but any artist has to remember to include little details that surround the characters, even something like a magic formula that only appears an instant before an attack.

A Frieren Live-Action May Not Be Impossible

Many adaptations have been made of more outlandish fare

After the beautiful finale of Frieren‘s season 1, Madhouse is more than likely to produce a second season of the anime, which will add even more sterling animation and world-building to anime viewers. As for live-action, while the odds are unlikely, Japan isn’t averse to creating new adaptations. Netflix already has made successful adaptations of One Piece and Yu Yu Hakusho, which involve plenty of absurd body types that might have seemed impossible to recreate. Therefore, it is hard to believe that a fantasy series that mainly involves one elf would be somehow too much to realize. Until then, however, this cosplay of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End suffices.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is available on Crunchyroll

Watch on Crunchyroll Source: MinPinMakes (Reddit)

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is an animated adventure-drama series based on the manga series created by Kanehito Yamada and Tsukasa Abe. Following her parties’ victory against an all-powerful demon king that threatened to destroy their world, Frieren, an elf, attempts to find her place in a new world with an undetermined future fifty years later.

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