Hurry up and snatch Amazon’s jumbo-sized Fire Max 11 tablet at its biggest discount yet


Hurry up and snatch Amazon’s jumbo-sized Fire Max 11 tablet at its biggest discount yet

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Do you like big screens and small prices? If so, we’re pretty sure you’re going to love Woot’s newest limited-time Fire Max 11 offer, which makes Amazon’s largest Android-based slate cheaper than ever before. Compared to a very similar deal available at the same Amazon-owned e-tailer just a couple of months back, this throws in an unbeatable 1-year warranty with brand-new, unused, unopened, and undamaged units priced at only $139.99.

Because there has to be a downside to a phenomenal promotion like this, you will need to live with lockscreen ads in order to score that unrivaled $90 discount from a regular price of $229.99. There’s also no possibility to bump up the 64 gigs of internal storage space at Woot if you feel like you might need a little extra digital hoarding room, but of course, that’s what the cloud and microSD card slot are for.
The first-of-a-kind 11-inch Fire Max is bigger, faster, and bolder than any other tablet previously released by Amazon, which of course doesn’t exactly make it a prime alternative for Apple’s best iPads on the market today.
At 140 bucks with no “catches” (apart from the mildly annoying sponsored screensavers), however, this puppy can certainly rival the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A9+ or the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (3rd Gen) as far as value for your money is concerned.

Powered by an octa-core processor and equipped with a respectable 4 gigs of RAM, the Fire Max 11 can fulfil most day-to-day mobile computing tasks competently (at the very least), from video streaming to web browsing and even gaming or various business-focused activities.

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Granted, the ultra-affordable tablet (obviously) doesn’t come with a keyboard or stylus included in its base price, but you can purchase a few different bundles at fairly reasonable prices on Amazon. The tablet’s makers, by the way, are currently charging $40 more than Woot, which could qualify as a pretty decent deal in its own right when this outstanding new offer inevitably goes away. That’s technically set to happen on April 25, but depending on your demand, the expiration date could well be pushed forward.

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