How to Swap BUSD for ETH: Top 3 Platforms


How to Swap BUSD for ETH: Top 3 Platforms

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Ethereum has definitely taken the spotlight in the past couple of weeks in the crypto markets. Thanks to the latest Shapella upgrade of the network, stakers can now withdraw their staked ETH. While a portion of the community was expecting a selloff, this event has had a very positive effect on the entire market. 

Ethereum has reached above the $2,000 mark, and the amount of staked ETH has increased. The functional withdrawals have proven to investors that they will be free to move their ETH out of staking, which increased trust in the protocol. 

Binance USD is a stablecoin that is pegged to the US dollar. It’s issued by Paxos, an entity regulated in the US, ensuring that every BUSD is backed by cash or cash equivalents. With the recent developments, you might be able to get some decent profit if you make a BUSD to ETH exchange now. 

This article will list some great options to carry out such an exchange in a quick, reliable, and secure manner. 

Best Platforms to Exchange BUSD to ETH

Reliability and security are incredibly important when exchanging cryptocurrencies. The platforms below provide the best solution whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader. 


Godex is an anonymous crypto exchange that doesn’t require any type of registration or account to start using its services. The focus is on privacy, as you don’t have to go through a KYC process or provide any personal data. 

This adds another security layer to your funds, as your crypto holdings cannot be connected to your identity in any way. Moreover, the platform provides hundreds of cryptocurrencies that can be swapped cross-chain such as BTC to XMR. 

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And finally, note that there are no upper limits on how many assets you wish to exchange in a day. This a great feature for investors that wish to make larger swaps at once. 


SimpleSwap is a cryptocurrency exchange that focuses on ease of use and is perfect for beginners. It gives users access to thousands of crypto pairs with both floating and fixed rates. 

The exchange doesn’t require users to register, which makes onboarding into the crypto industry easy and streamlined. The SWAP token is used for cashback and loyalty programs, allowing return customers to make additional income. 


Binance remains the most popular crypto exchange on a global level, with the most users and volume in the industry. Its success is undeniable, as it has established great levels of trust with the crypto community over the years. 

That said, due to regulations, Binance requires users to comply with a full KYC process, which might create some friction in the onboarding process for some users. However, the effort might be worth it, as this exchange provides advanced trading orders, trading bots, and futures trading. In a nutshell, Binance is often regarded as one of the most complete crypto trading platforms. 

ETH Price Prediction

With ETH providing some great potential in the future, let’s take a look at some price predictions of the #1 smart contract platform from internet analysts. 

ETH Price Forecast

Ethereum has been doing quite well in the past few weeks and is currently trading at around $2,100. has some incredibly bullish forecasts for the smart contract coin, providing a target of $3,158.66 for 2023. In the mid-term, the website expects ETH to reach $7,362.46 in 2025. 

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Time to Swap BUSD for ETH

Ethereum is providing some incredibly bullish signals at the current price levels. With the upcoming scaling upgrades with sharding, the platform is poised to keep its top spot in the smart contract industry. Swapping your BUSD for ETH now could provide a lot of profit potential for aspiring investors going into the eventual bull market.

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