How to enable dark mode in google chrome


How to enable dark mode in google chrome

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The modern digital world is increasingly shifting towards user-friendly interfaces, prioritizing not only functionality but also user convenience. One such feature that has gained immense popularity is the “dark mode” or “dark theme”. This feature, when activated, changes the look of your device’s screen by changing the background and elements to a darker shade, providing a soothing, energy-saving alternative to traditional bright white themes. Google Chrome, the widely used web browser, offers this feature and it can be turned on in a few simple steps. Here’s how to enable Dark Mode in Chrome.

What is dark mode?

Dark mode, known as “Dark Theme” on mobile devices, is a feature that changes the look and feel of your browsing experience in Google Chrome. When enabled, this feature changes the background color of your homepage, toolbar, settings, and other pages to a darker color, thus reducing eye strain in low-light conditions and preserving battery life on OLED screens.1.

It is important to note that Dark Mode is available on devices running Mac OS 10.14 and later, as well as Windows 10 and later.

Enable dark mode in Chrome

To enable dark mode in Chrome, you first need to activate it on your computer system. The steps to do this are slightly different depending on the operating system you’re using:

  1. For Mac users: Go to Apple menu > System Preferences > General. Here, select “Dark” for the theme.
  2. For Windows users: Go to Settings > Personalization > Colors. Under Choose default application mode, select Dark.
  3. For Chromebook users: Click on the status area at the bottom right, where your account picture appears. Then select Settings > Appearance > Dark theme.
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After activating dark mode on your system, open Google Chrome. The browser should automatically switch to dark mode, reflecting the change in your system settings.

Check dark mode in Chrome

Once Dark Mode is enabled and Chrome is running, you can check if the setting is in effect:

  • Open Chrome.
  • Check out what’s displayed at the top right.
    • If your profile picture is shown, dark mode is enabled.
    • If you see an “incognito” icon (a hat and glasses), you’re in “incognito mode” and not dark mode1.

Note that dark mode and incognito mode are different. While both have dark backgrounds, incognito mode is primarily for private browsing and does not store your browsing history, while dark mode is a visual feature that changes the appearance of the browser interface.


Dark mode in Google Chrome is a major advance in user interface design that prioritizes user comfort, especially when browsing in low-light conditions or during late-night sessions. This feature significantly modifies the visual layout of the browser by replacing the traditional bright white background with darker, more subtle colors. This shift in color palette provides an incredibly comfortable browsing experience, significantly reducing the strain on your eyes that can result from prolonged exposure to brighter screens.

One of the most beneficial aspects of Dark Mode is its ability to help relieve eye strain. By reducing the overall brightness and contrast of your screen, dark mode can help reduce strain on your eyes during extended browsing sessions. This is particularly beneficial for users who spend long periods of time on their devices or prefer to work during dark hours, as it can help maintain eye health and comfort.

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Moreover, dark mode isn’t just a feature for convenience and aesthetic appeal. For devices with OLED screens, this feature can also have a significant impact on power consumption, thus improving battery life. This is because, on OLED screens, pixels are lit individually and black is displayed by turning off related pixels, thus conserving energy. So, by using dark mode, which uses more blacks and darker shades, your device can save energy, which will extend battery life.

The steps to enable Dark Mode in Google Chrome are straightforward and simple, making it accessible to all users, regardless of their technical skills. By following the above instructions, you can quickly activate this feature. Once enabled, you will immediately notice a transformation in the visual design of the browser interface. This shift isn’t just a change in color, but a shift towards a more relaxed, visually pleasing, and eye-friendly browsing environment. This feature is a must-try for any user who values ​​convenience and efficiency in their digital interactions. We hope you found a useful guide on how to enable Dark Mode in Google Chrome, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below. You can find out more details on the Google site.

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