Honor 90 Smart with 108MP Camera Launched


Honor 90 Smart with 108MP Camera Launched

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The HONOR 90 Smart is not just another smartphone; it’s a photographic powerhouse. With a 108MP main camera, you can capture life’s moments with crystal-clear precision. The large 1/1.67-inch sensor and advanced 9-in-1 pixel binning technology ensure that even low-light conditions won’t stop you from snapping vibrant, detailed photos. Imagine capturing the subtle play of light and shadow during a breathtaking sunset or preserving the intricate details of a loved one’s smile. The HONOR 90 Smart Camera makes it all possible.

But the camera’s capabilities don’t stop there. With the 2X zoom Portrait Mode, you can create stunning, professional-looking portraits that truly stand out. The camera intelligently blurs the background while keeping your subject in sharp focus, resulting in images that rival those taken with dedicated cameras. When it comes to video, the multi-video recording feature allows you to capture multiple perspectives simultaneously, giving your videos a creative edge.

Whether you’re zooming in for a portrait, recording a video of a memorable event, or simply capturing the beauty of everyday life, the HONOR 90 Smart Camera adapts to your needs, offering flexibility and versatility for all your creative endeavors.

Say goodbye to battery anxiety. The HONOR 90 Smart’s 5,330mAh ultra-large battery is a game-changer, providing you with the freedom to stream, browse, and talk for hours on end. Imagine binge-watching your favorite series during a long flight or enjoying an extended gaming session without worrying about running out of power. With up to 16.6 hours of video streaming, you can indulge in your favorite content without interruption.

The innovative battery technology not only offers a slim design but also ensures longevity, maintaining over 80% health after three years. This means you can enjoy uninterrupted access to your favorite content and stay connected without the need for constant recharging. Whether you’re a heavy user or simply appreciate the peace of mind that comes with a long-lasting battery, the HONOR 90 Smart has you covered.

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Prepare to be captivated by the HONOR 90 Smart’s hyper-transmissive 6.8-inch HONOR FullView Display. The high screen-to-body ratio and FHD+ resolution bring your content to life with stunning clarity and vibrant colors. Whether you’re watching a movie, browsing through photos, or playing games, every detail is rendered with exceptional sharpness and depth.

But the HONOR 90 Smart’s display isn’t just about visual quality; it’s also designed with your comfort in mind. With TÜV Rheinland certification for low blue light emissions, you can enjoy extended use without straining your eyes. This means you can indulge in late-night reading sessions or catch up on work emails without the discomfort often associated with prolonged screen time.

Complementing the visual feast is the phone’s advanced audio system, featuring 200% high volume speakers with sound optimization. Immerse yourself in rich, powerful sound that brings your favorite music, movies, and games to life. Whether you’re listening through the speakers or using headphones, the HONOR 90 Smart delivers an audio experience that rivals dedicated sound systems.

With 128GB of storage capacity, the HONOR 90 Smart provides ample space for all your photos, videos, apps, and files. No more worrying about running out of storage or having to constantly delete content to make room for new memories. The spacious storage ensures that you can keep all your favorite moments and important documents at your fingertips.

But storage isn’t the only factor that contributes to the HONOR 90 Smart’s smooth performance. The device also features HONOR RAM Turbo (4GB+4GB) technology, which intelligently allocates memory resources to ensure a seamless and responsive user experience. Whether you’re multitasking between apps, running resource-intensive games, or simply navigating through the user interface, the HONOR 90 Smart handles it all with ease.

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The HONOR 90 Smart is not only about impressive features; it’s also about accessibility. Available in two stunning colors, Emerald Green and Midnight Black, this stylish device is now up for grabs in the UK at an affordable starting price of £199.99 RRP. You can find it at and other major retailers.

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