High performance SDR LimeSDR XTRX in a Mini PCIe form factor


High performance SDR LimeSDR XTRX in a Mini PCIe form factor

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The world of software-defined radio (SDR) is rapidly evolving, with new technologies and devices emerging to meet the diverse needs of users. One such device that is now available for purchase via Crowd Supply at $699 is the LimeSDR XTRX. Housed in a compact Mini PCIe form factor, this high-performance SDR board provides a powerful platform for the development of digital and RF designs.

At the heart of the LimeSDR XTRX lies the AMD Artix 7 XC7A50T-2CPG236I FPGA and a Lime Microsystems LMS7002M RF transceiver. These components form a strong foundation for the device, which enables it to handle logical intensive tasks with ease.

LimeSDR XTRX is a versatile building block for MIMO configurations, ranging from 2Tx2R to 32Tx32R. They can be paired with digital processors of varying speed, power dissipation, and cost to accommodate any air interface, whether narrowband or wideband.

Key Features

The LimeSDR XTRX has several key features that make it stand out in the SDR industry:

  • Frequency and Bandwidth: The Lime RFIC transceiver (LMS7002) forms the core of the board, covering frequencies up to 3.8GHz with bandwidths exceeding 100MHz.
  • Baseband Interface: The LMS7002 and accompanying FPGA contain a large amount of digital circuitry. This enables the implementation of key physical layer radio functions such as filtering, destruction, interpolation, and flexible interfaces such as PCIe and SerDes.

Open source design

The LimeSDR XTRX is based on the Fairwaves XTRX Rev 5, but has undergone many improvements and updates. One of the most important changes is the open source design files and documentation. This allows users to explore the LimeSDR XTRX in depth. Altium project files, including the BOM, schematics, and layout are available in the LimeSDR XTRX GitHub repository.

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As a member of the LimeSDR family, the LimeSDR XTRX benefits from the same support as other LimeSDR products. This means that any existing LimeSDR application can run on LimeSDR XTRX once it has been rebuilt with the latest versions of any LimeSDR-enabled library.

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The LimeSDR XTRX comes with a host of features and specifications, including:

  • Wireless transceiver: Lime Microsystems LMS7002M
  • Configuration: MIMO (2xTX, 2xRX)
  • Frequency range: 30MHz – 3.8GHz
  • Bandwidth: 120MHz
  • Sample depth: 12 bits
  • Sample rate: 120 MSPS SISO / 90 MSPS MIMO
  • Transmission power: max 10dBm (depending on frequency)
  • FPGA: AMD Artix™ 7 XC7A50T-2CPG236I
  • USB 2.0 controller: Micro USB3333E-GL chip

LimeSDR XTRX is ready for production. The engineering team will be on site in Serbia for final manufacturing and assembly. This will allow for quick adjustments to the production process and immediate testing of the final product.

LimeSDR XTRX is a powerful, compact and versatile SDR board that provides a powerful platform for the development of digital and RF designs. With its open source design, comprehensive support, and impressive specs, it’s poised to make a huge impact in the world of software-defined radio.

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