Helldivers 2 trooper enemies – where to find them and how to kill them


Helldivers 2 trooper enemies – where to find them and how to kill them

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If they have red eyes, shoot (Picture: YouTube)

Know what to look out for and where to find the Automatons in Helldivers 2, then completing the ‘Kill 20 Troopers’ order.

Now that Helldivers 2 has buffed many of the guns in the game, it’s a good time to load up and complete some personal orders, if you need more super credits or new weapons.

One such personal mission is the ‘Kill 20 Troopers’ order, which is harder than it sounds, as there are always many different types of troopers trying to kill you.

First you need to know exactly what they are and which ones to aim for, then you need to find them, before you can collect your reward.

What are troopers in Helldivers 2?

Troopers are the standard bad guys of the Automaton forces in Helldivers 2. Though they look similar, some attack with lasers, some with melee weapons, and some with rocket launchers.

It’s important to read your personal order carefully, as which type of trooper you need to kill 20 of might change depending on when you do the mission.

It’s not a very difficult mission once you know who to aim at, as you can find out the type of trooper just bylooking at the in-game kill counter when you down one with a specific weapon.

Where to find troopers in Helldivers 2?

Another reason why this mission is fairly easy, once you know where and what to look out for, is because troopers are everywhere on Automaton planets, in the western area of the galaxy.

Troopers are also the weakest of Automaton enemies, and headshots and grenades are are great ways to down them.

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There are lots of personal orders that come and go in Helldivers 2, but don’t forget that the ultimate objective is to democratise every planet in space.

Personal missions are fun additional missions, to gain an item or some extra credits – which will only help you and Super Earth in the long term.

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