Google releases new online search privacy tools


Google releases new online search privacy tools

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In a bid to bolster user control over personal information, privacy, and online safety, Google has unveiled a series of new features in Google Search. These enhancements are part of Google’s ongoing commitment to making Google Search the safest way to search online. The new features in Google Search, aimed at strengthening user control over their own personal information, online safety, and privacy. This action demonstrates Google’s ongoing dedication to creating the most secure internet search experience possible, with Google Search at the helm.

Google search results about you

One of the major changes is the enhancement of the ‘Results about you’ tool. Originally introduced the previous year, the ‘Results about you’ tool has been overhauled to better assist users in tracking their personal contact information as it appears in Google Search results. If the system identifies the presence of such details, users are promptly alerted. Following the alert, users are offered the opportunity to eliminate their personal information from the search results.

This initiative is a prominent move towards a proactive approach to privacy. By notifying users when their contact information is indexed and giving them the option to remove it, Google is providing its users more autonomy over their data. This tool not only boosts users’ control over the visibility of their personal information but also helps them feel secure knowing they can manage how their data appears on the web.

Google’s proactive approach to privacy signifies a significant advancement in its mission to ensure online safety. By placing user privacy at the forefront and enabling users to control their personal information, Google reinforces the message that the user’s online safety is its primary concern. This move offers a more secure browsing experience and builds user trust by assuring them of their control over their personal data in Google Search.

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Google search privacy tools

In the coming days, Google will also introduce a new dashboard. This feature will notify users if web results containing their contact information appear on Search, further empowering them to request the removal of these results. This tool can be accessed either through the Google app or by visiting Currently, it is available in the U.S. in English, but Google has plans to expand its availability to new languages and locations.

In addition to these updates, Google has launched a new SafeSearch blurring tool. This tool automatically blurs explicit imagery in Search results, providing an additional layer of protection for users. However, this setting can be turned off at any time, unless it has been locked by a guardian or school network administrator.

Parental controls

Google has also made parental controls more accessible. Users can now find these controls directly in Search by typing relevant queries like “google parental controls” or “google family link“.

In a move to give users even more control over their online presence, Google has updated its policies to allow users to remove any personal explicit images they no longer wish to be visible in Search. This is provided they are not currently commercializing the content. It’s important to note, however, that removing content from Google Search does not remove it from the web or other search engines.

To streamline the process, the forms used to submit removal requests have been updated and simplified. These new tools and updates are all part of Google’s ongoing efforts to make Google Search the safest way to search online, ensuring users feel safe and in control online.

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