GitHub Copilot in the CLI exits beta and is now available


GitHub Copilot in the CLI exits beta and is now available

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GitHub Copilot in the CLI exits beta and is now available

GitHub has announced the general availability of Copilot in the Command Line Interface (CLI) for all Copilot Individual, Business, and Enterprise customers. This feature allows users to receive command suggestions and explanations directly within the terminal. Additionally, it enables the execution of suggested commands, a capability refined through feedback from the public beta phase.

If you have ever been working on your computer, typing away at the command line, and suddenly you hit a snag. You can’t remember the exact command you need, or maybe you’re not sure how to optimize a particular process. You will be pleased to know that there’s now a tool that can help you right where you are, without the need to search through documentation or forums. GitHub has just released a new feature for their platform that’s designed to make your life easier: Copilot for the Command Line Interface (CLI).

This new tool is something you can use no matter what kind of GitHub account you have—whether it’s Individual, Business, or Enterprise. It’s like having a knowledgeable assistant right in your terminal, offering smart command suggestions and explanations. This means you can get help with your commands as you type them, and you can even act on these suggestions. The feature has been improved based on feedback from users who tried it out during its beta phase.

GitHub Copilot CLI

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Copilot for the CLI is all about streamlining your workflow. It’s compatible with popular shells like Bash, PowerShell, and Zsh. Plus, it comes with helper aliases, which are shortcuts that make it easier to execute commands. For example, by typing `gh copilot alias`, you can set up these shortcuts to suit your specific needs, helping you work more efficiently.

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One of the standout features is the `ghcs` alias. This handy tool allows you to quickly execute suggested commands and even reuse them, which can save you time and reduce the chance of making errors. If you were part of the Public Beta, it’s important to update your extension to version 1.0.0 to continue enjoying the benefits of Copilot in the CLI.

For those with Individual accounts, you can start using Copilot in the CLI right away. If you’re using a Business or Enterprise account, you’ll need to get admin permission to activate this feature. Don’t worry, though—GitHub has put together a comprehensive guide to help you install and set up Copilot, so you can integrate it into your CLI environment without any hassle.

So, what does this mean for you? If you’re someone who spends a lot of time working with the command line, GitHub’s Copilot for the CLI could be a valuable addition to your toolkit. It’s designed to help you work more productively by offering command suggestions and shortcuts that can save you time and effort. Whether you’re working solo or as part of a team, this tool is now available for you to take advantage of. With Copilot for the CLI, you can focus more on your work and less on remembering commands, making your development tasks a bit easier to manage.

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