Fitbit to revamp sleep stats page with a modern, user-friendly interface


Fitbit to revamp sleep stats page with a modern, user-friendly interface

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When the Material You revamp of the Fitbit app dropped last September, most pages got a modern facelift—though not all. Now, we’re getting a sneak peek at a revamped Fitbit Sleep stats page.

Fitbit has finally unveiled a fresh design for its sleep page within the app, offering a more detailed look at users’ sleep data (via 9to5Google). The updated design creates a sleeker and more user-friendly interface for tracking your Z’s.

The redesigned Sleep stats page introduces tabs for Day, Week, Month, and Year, providing users with a comprehensive overview of their sleep patterns over different timeframes. Moreover, at the top of the page, you will see your sleep stats from the previous night, including duration, bedtime, and wake-up time. Plus, handy bar graphs visualize key indicators like sleep patterns, Awake, Restless, and Asleep stats.

So, if you are curious about your sleep quality, Fitbit has got your back. A dip in your heart rate at various points during the night, for instance, can clue you in on whether your sleep was restful. This indicates that you’re getting deep enough shut-eye for your body and brain to tackle essential tasks like muscle repair, tissue growth, and other vital processes that support brain function and overall health.

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