Fast 11’s First Look Teases A Major Reunion After Fast X’s Cliffhanger Ending


Fast 11’s First Look Teases A Major Reunion After Fast X’s Cliffhanger Ending

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Fast 11’s First Look Teases A Major Reunion After Fast X’s Cliffhanger Ending


  • Fast 11 will feature a major reunion for Dominic Toretto set up by Fast X’s cliffhanger ending.
  • The upcoming film will have a large ensemble cast with old and new faces returning.
  • Concept art shows Dom’s car in snowy terrain, hinting at a reunion with Letty and Gisele in the sequel.

The first look at Fast 11 teases a major reunion for Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto after Fast X’s cliffhanger ending. The upcoming Fast & Furious 11 is expected to pick up right where Fast X’s ending left things off, with Toretto and Little Brian having to find a way of surviving the lethal trap set up by Dante Rayes. In addition to the bridge ambush, Dante also attacked the plane carrying most of Toretto’s team, not to mention the situation Cipher and Letty found themselves in.

Dante Reyes attacked Dominic Toretto’s family from all sides. This is why Fast X’s cast was quite large and featured a lot of old and new faces. Presumably, Fast 11’s ensemble will be even bigger now that characters like Gisele and Hobbs have returned. Although it may be difficult for the entire family to get back together during the film, one reunion is now all but confirmed.

Fast 11’s Concept Art Teases Dom & Letty’s Reunion

Dom’s car is in a snowy terrain

A new piece of concept art for Fast & Furious 11 shared by Vin Diesel (via Instagram) shows Dominic Toretto’s car in the snow. While not much can be inferred from this image alone, the snow setting directly connects to Letty and Cipher’s whereabouts at the end of Fast X. After Aimes, who was secretly working with Dante the whole time, took over the Agency, the mysterious organization went after Toretto and his allies. The Agency captured Letty and Cipher and sent them to a secret prison whose location was only revealed at the end of the film.

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Fast X’s ending reveals that Cipher and Letty were in Antarctica during the movie’s third act. As soon as they escaped the prison following a staged fight, they surprisingly ran into Gisele, who had seemingly died in Fast & Furious 6. With Fast 11 bringing Dom’s car to a snowy terrain, it is safe to assume he and Letty will reunite soon. Letty and Dom spent most of Fast X separated, with the latter chasing down Dante Reyes as the rest of the Toretto family walked right into the villain’s traps.


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The Fast Saga is set to conclude with Fast & Furious 11 – or Fast X 2 – but how will Dom Toretto and his family’s stories come to a definitive end?

Fast 11’s Dom & Letty Reunion Will Also Bring Gisele Back To The Team

Gisele is about to rescue Letty and Cipher

Dom reuniting with Letty in Fast 11 also means that Vin Diesel’s character is about to reunite with Gisele, which hasn’t happened since Fast & Furious. How Gisele survived her fall in Fast & Furious 6 and returned in Fast X remains to be revealed, but the Fast Saga is used to retcon deaths already. Gal Gadot’s character first appeared in Fast & Furious 4 as an associate of Braga, a role that was later retconned when Mr. Nobody revealed that Gisele was working for him. It can be assumed that Mr. Nobody was behind Gisele’s fakeout death.

Mr. Nobody was behind Han’s fakeout death in
Tokyo Drift
, a retcon revealed in

Toretto and Gisele formed a strong in Fast & Furious (2009), which teased a potential romantic relationship that did not move forward. Regardless, it will be interesting to see them reunite, especially because Toretto most likely does not know that Gisele is alive. Another exciting reunion in Fast 11 is that of Han and Gisele, even more considering that, until F9, they were thought to be dead. Fast X took place in multiple locations around the world, and based on the recent Fast 11 concept art, it will be the same for the sequel.

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