Facebook Messenger major update adds support for HD photos, shared albums, more


Facebook Messenger major update adds support for HD photos, shared albums, more

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Messenger is getting a bunch of important new features this week, including the option to send photos in high-definition, something that WhatsApp only recently introduced.

In addition to being able to send HD photos, Messenger is also allowing users to send larger files up to 100MB in their chats. Shared albums and the ability to add new connections with a QR code are two other new features coming to Messenger this week.

But let’s start with the new option to send photos in high-definition. To fully take advantage of your camera, you can now send an HD photo by selecting an image from your chat composes, then turning the HD toggle on. You can even tap on additional photos to send multiple in HD.

The same simple procedure must be followed if you want to send larger files. Simply tap the + button when you’re in a Messenger chat, then select a file up to 100MB. According to Facebook, a wide range of popular file formats are supported, including Word, PDF and Excel.

Furthermore, the latest Facebook Messenger update adds so-called shared albums. To create a new album in a group chat simply follow the process below:

  • Select multiple photos from your chat composer
  • Tap Create album (you can also long press a photo in the chat and tap Create album)
  • To add to an existing album, tap Add to album

You can even rename the album from the three dot menu. Simply choose the Edit Name option and confirm the album’s new name. Keep in mind that everyone in the chat can view, add, delete and download pictures and videos from the album. The shared album feature will be rolled out over the coming weeks, so be patient if you don’t see it right away.

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Finally, Messenger users can connect with other users by scanning their QR code or sharing theirs via a link. Simply start a message thread with a new connection, head to Settings and tap the QR code icon at the top. That way they will be able to scan your code using their device’s camera, or you can share a link using the Share option.

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