Exploring Varied Combinations of Midjorney 5 Separator Prompts


Exploring Varied Combinations of Midjorney 5 Separator Prompts

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With the explosion of artificial intelligence over the past few years creativity and innovation are expanding what is capable from AI art generators. This quick guide delves into the fascinating world of using different Midjorney 5 separator prompts to generate AI art. Offering a fresh perspectives on how to create unique and captivating images.

AI art expert Thaeyne has kindly created a 26 minute demonstration video showing what results you can expect from 60 different separator and symbol choices and how results change by switching out just a single character or symbol in your prompts. Providing a fantastic overview of what can be achieved in the latest Midjourney 5.

Midjorney 5 separator prompts tested

Check out the experimentation with different separators between two-word prompts the video below. These prompts, including “Celestial jungle”, “monochromatic portrait”, and “psytrance fantasy”, have been used to generate a variety of AI art. the demonstration typically separates words in prompts with a comma and space, maintaining the same seed number for each image to ensure consistency.

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How to create Midjourney separator prompts

In addition to this, the demonstration sets the aspect ratio for each prompt and uses the latest version of mid-journey. The results of the AI art generation process, however, varied depending on the separators used between the two words. Thaeyne discovered that factors such as capitalization, the presence or absence of a space after a comma, and the order of the words can all affect the resulting images.

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Intriguingly, with different symbols as separators, including colons, parentheses, brackets, quotation marks, and various punctuation marks. Each symbol used as a separator resulted in slightly different images, but there was no definitive logic to the changes. This suggests that the process of AI art generation is as much an art as it is a science.

While some symbols produced more pleasing results than others, the choice of separator ultimately depends on personal preference. This highlights the flexibility and personalization inherent in AI art generation.

The Midjourney Bot is designed to consider two or more separate concepts independently. This feature can be initiated by using the double colon – “::” – as a separator. A crucial aspect of this function is the partitioning of prompts, one that enables you to assign relative importance to different segments of a prompt.

Multi-Prompt basics

The introduction of a double colon “::” in a prompt is a way of instructing the Midjourney Bot to perceive and process each part of the prompt as a distinct entity. For example, in a prompt such as ‘space ship’, where all words are considered collectively, the result would be images of spaceships as we know them from science fiction. However, if you separate this prompt into two – ‘space::ship’ – each concept ‘space’ and ‘ship’ would be treated as separate entities. As a result, you might obtain an image depicting a sailing ship navigating its path through the cosmos.

Keep in mind that there should not be any space between the double colons “::” in a multi-prompt. Furthermore, this feature is compatible with Model Versions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, niji, and niji 5. Regardless of the presence of the double colon, any additional parameters should still be appended at the end of the prompt.

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Moreover, if you want to designate the relative significance to a part of the prompt, you can do so by inserting a number immediately after the “::”. For instance, in a prompt ‘space::ship’, you’d end up with an image of a sailing ship journeying through space. If you change the prompt to ‘space::2 ship’, ‘space’ gains a significance twice that of ‘ship’. Consequently, you’ll get images where ‘space’ is the main theme, and ‘ship’ is a supplementary element.

Negative prompt weights

You can also attach negative weights to prompts to exclude certain elements that you deem unwanted. It is imperative, however, that the total sum of all weights remains positive.

The “–no” Parameter: The “–no” parameter is equivalent to weighing a part of a multi-prompt at “-.5”. Thus, a prompt such as ‘vibrant tulip fields::red::-.5’ can be equated to ‘vibrant tulip fields –no red’. Both of these would yield similar results, with the former explicitly downplaying the emphasis on the ‘red’ element.

The world of AI art generation is a playground for creativity, with different separators offering a myriad of possibilities. YouTuber Thaeyne encourages viewers to experiment with different separators in their own AI art prompts, opening the door to a world of artistic exploration.

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