Excited For The Rhino In Gladiator 2? There’s Something Even Cooler Coming


Excited For The Rhino In Gladiator 2? There’s Something Even Cooler Coming

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Excited For The Rhino In Gladiator 2? There’s Something Even Cooler Coming


  • Gladiator 2 will feature Lucius facing a rhino in the Colosseum alongside thrilling water battles with man-eating sharks.
  • Paul Mescal takes on the lead role, showcasing similarities to Maximus, as Lucius fights for survival in the brutal Colosseum.
  • Gladiator 2’s inclusion of rhinos and sharks in the Colosseum is partially based on real-life events.

Gladiator 2 will feature Lucius going up against a rhino in the Colosseum, but there’s an even more exciting threat making an appearance in the long-awaited sequel. Arriving 24 years after Ridley Scott’s original movie, Gladiator 2‘s story is set to follow another tumultuous time for Rome, with another generation of feuding figures in the spotlight of the sequel. However, taking over for Russell Crowe’s lead character is Paul Mescal, who plays Lucius, the son of Lucilla that disappeared after Gladiator‘s original ending. Unfortunately for Lucius, he finds himself in the same situation as Maximus decades prior.

Barring any major surprises, Butler won’t appear among Gladiator 2‘s impressive cast list, considering Maximus’ death. His legacy will still live on in the sequel through Lucius’ journey and nods to the heroic figure teased in Gladiator 2‘s trailer. After his life is turned upside down at the hands of the Roman army, Lucius becomes enslaved and forced to fight as a gladiator. The trailer gives a glimpse into Lucius’ new reality, including some of the horrors he will face within the Colosseum, all for the entertainment of Rome’s rulers and their loyal followers.

Gladiator 2 Teases Sharks In The Colosseum

The Gladiator Sequel Features A Thrilling Water Battle

Paul Mescal’s Lucius will be pivotal in Gladiator 2, which means he will have several thrilling sequences in the Colosseum fighting alongside other men enslaved by the Roman army. One of the most intriguing moments in the Gladiator 2 trailer is when Lucius and fellow gladiators are shown preparing to face off against a rhino. Lucius even copies one of Maximus’ signature moves by throwing sand as a way to distract the beast. Still, that’s not even the coolest threat the men will face, considering Gladiator 2 also teased the presence of man-eating sharks in the Colosseum.

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Toward the beginning of the Gladiator 2 trailer, the Colosseum is filled with water. The quick shot of the amphitheater from above also shows gladiators on boats, as well as sharks swimming in the waters. As Lucius helps lead his fellow gladiators, one of the men gets hit by an arrow and falls overboard, leading to a far more brutal fate. The man is quickly torn apart by an underwater creature, indicating that the sharks will be a highlight of Gladiator 2′s massive water-filled Colosseum set piece. The elements teased in the footage are wild, but interestingly, they aren’t that far off from real history.


8 Ways Paul Mescal’s Gladiator 2 Character Is Copying Russell Crowe’s Maximus

Gladiator 2’s protagonist Lucius bears many similarities to Gladiator’s Maximus, including a desire for revenge and disdain for the corrupt empire.

Are Rhinos & Sharks In The Colosseum Accurate To Real-Life History?

Gladiator 2’s Threats Aren’t Far-Fetched Based On Historical Events

As heavily seen in Ridley Scott’s historical dramas centered on ancient Rome, gladiator battles were prominent attractions at the Colosseum. The real-life fights also historically featured the use of dangerous animals, which was also incorporated into the first Gladiator movie with the tigers. Gladiator 2 amplifies those dangerous elements, thanks to the inclusion of rhinos and sharks. While animals like tigers, bears, lions, elephants, hippos, and even rhinos actually appeared, there are conflicting reports about whether sharks were let loose within the real Colosseum. That said, the naval battle aspect is very accurate.

The Colosseum hosted simulated naval sea battles, aka “naumachiae.” Like what’s shown in Gladiator 2, the arena would be filled with water to host epic gladiator battles featuring large ships and other set pieces. The real-life naval battles would often include water creatures to enhance the threats faced by the fighters, but historians seem to argue about what kind of creatures were involved. While there are some claims that sharks were involved, either way, the emperors who hosted the events found great pride in pulling off the spectacle. Based on Geta and Caracalla’s reactions in Gladiator 2, they also take pride in crafting their Colosseum entertainment.

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