Everything To Do In Checkpoint Rest Town


Everything To Do In Checkpoint Rest Town

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Everything To Do In Checkpoint Rest Town

DD2 has a massive open world to explore, where getting from one place to another is part of the game’s charm. For the first section of the game, players will explore the northern section of the map around the main city of Vernworth.


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While still in that main region of Vernworth, players can find multiple towns to explore, each with their own shops, NPCs, and side quests to complete. One of these unique towns players will want to explore is Checkpoint Rest Town; here’s everything players can do.

How To Reach Checkpoint Rest Town

Checkpoint Rest Town is located in the southwestern section of the Vernworth region. While players can travel along main roads to reach this town when leaving the western gate of Vernwroth, the much easier way to get here is by Oxcart.Taking the Oxcart out of the western exit of Vernworth will take players directly to Checkpoint Rest Town, the border between this region and Battahl.

Every Location In Checkpoint Rest Town

The Player Standing In Front Of The Apothecary In Checkpoint Rest Town



North Border Checkpoint Oxcart

The Oxcart, by the entrance to the town, can be used to return to Vernworth.

The Sword & Staff

An inn that charges 1,000 gold per night to rest at.

Ibrahim’s Scrap Store

A store where players can buy unique items or forge copies of items that they already have.

Checkpoint Rest Town – Vocation Guild

A Vocation Guild where players can equip skills and change their vocation.

Celeste’s Smithy

A weapons and armor shop where players can purchase some of the best gear of the first region, along with a very powerful sword for Fighters.

Morris’s Apothecary

A general goods store for buying healing and restoration items.

Border Checkpoint Riftstone

A Riftstone used to summon Pawns.

Myrddin’s House

The home of Myrddin that players won’t be able to gain entry to easily.

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Quests To Complete In Checkpoint Rest Town

The Player Returning Rodge & Getting Rewarded

The only quest in this town that players can begin and complete is Prey For The Pack, which will begin upon approaching the Apothecary and hearing the request to find his grandson. While the quest isn’t begun here, players will need to travel to this town to purchase the Jadeite Orb to complete the quest for this unique item.

How To Open The Gate

The Player Standing In Battahl & Standing In Front Of The Border Gate

The large gate at the back of town is the border that separates this region from the Battahl region. Every player will need to enter Battahl for one reason or another, and there are multiple ways for players to either open the gate or cross over to the other region through long and dangerous paths through the mountains.

Before progressing into Battahl, be sure to get a Portcrystal that can be placed further into the region. Battahl is a much more difficult region and will require players to be at a higher level to fight the enemies within.


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