EsPiFF ESP32-WROVER: Powering Up with RP2040 Microcontroller Integration


EsPiFF ESP32-WROVER: Powering Up with RP2040 Microcontroller Integration

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The world of microcontrollers has been revolutionized with the introduction of EsPiFF, a reliable Raspberry Pi replacement specific scenarios. This innovative device is designed for applications that require high reliability but not the processing power of a Pi or the versatility of Linux. With the ongoing global chip crisis making sourcing Raspberry Pis a challenge, EsPiFF emerges as a viable alternative for various projects.

EsPiFF is optimized for uptime, boasting features like a supervisor, an external real-time clock (RTC), an external reset generator, an external watchdog, 8 Mbit of high-end ISSI flash storage, and 2 KB of FRAM for permanent, high-speed storage. These features ensure that your projects run smoothly and without interruption.

EsPiFF microcontroller Specifications:

  • ESP32-WROVER with 8 MB PSRAM and 16 MB Flash in a Raspberry Pi 4 form factor
  • 2 KB of fast FRAM for permanent storage of process data. (Much faster then EEPROM, for key variables.)
  • 8 Mbit state-of-the-art ISSI flash
  • Unpopulated footprint for up to 512 Mbit state-of-the-art ISSI flash
  • Wi-Fi connectivity (requires an external U.FL antenna)
  • 10/100 wired Ethernet via IP101 PHY
  • PoE header, to use Raspberry Pi PoE HATs. EsPiFF can be powered from a HAT or can power the HAT
  • Micro SD card socket for storage
  • Up to 3 UARTs
  • USB Type-C connector on CH340 USB-UART for programming as well as power draw up to 5 V / 3 A for power-hungry HATs
  • 40-pin Raspberry Pi header, compatible with all Raspberry Pi HATs
  • RP2040 co-processor to emulate the Pi on the 40 pin connector, with 16 MB Flash
  • External realtime clock, watchdog, and supervisor for high-availability, 24/7 applications
  • On-board supercap to keep the realtime clock running for days, even without power. The supercap has, in contrast to a battery, a practically infinite lifetime
  • USB-Host on the USB Type-A connector
  • BOOT button for the RP2040, to switch between USB-Programming and USB-Host/Device
  • ESP32 reset button and three user LEDs
  • Unpopulated JTAG header for kernel developers
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EsPiFF features

One of the standout features of EsPiFF is the RP2040 on board. This allows the use of existing Pi HATs and any protocol via the 40-pin header. This compatibility extends to third-party Raspberry Pi enclosures, offering users a wide array of options for their projects.

Designed with communication in mind, EsPiFF microcontroller provides wired Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB host and device modes, and up to three UART connections. It supports external Wi-Fi antennas and even comes with one, ensuring that your projects stay connected.

Storage is no issue with EsPiFF. It comes with 16 MB of built-in flash, 8 Mbit of on-board external flash, and a footprint for up to 512 Mbit of additional high-end ISSI flash storage. For further capacity extension, it also features an SD card reader.

The ESP32’s dual 240-MHz CPUs have access to 8 MB of PSRAM, and EsPiFF is thermally efficient, allowing it to operate in water- or air-tight enclosures. This makes it a versatile choice for a variety of applications.

EsPiFF board layout

Open source microcontroller

EsPiFF is open source microcontroller with design files available on GitHub. It runs Apache NuttX RTOS, or can be programmed with Espressif IDF, Arduino, and other ESP32 development tools. This flexibility allows users to customize their projects to their specific needs.

Produced by MDC in Freiberg, Sachsen, Germany, and sold and shipped by Crowd Supply, each EsPiFF board comes tested and ready to go with an external antenna and an assortment of cables. Priced at $65 with worldwide shipping available, EsPiFF is an affordable and reliable alternative to Raspberry Pi.

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The EsPiFF is a game-changer in the world of microcontrollers. Its reliability, versatility, and compatibility make it a worthy contender in the market. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, EsPiFF is a tool worth considering for your next project. EsPiFF is now available to purchase from $65 over on the Crowd Supply website.

Source: Crowd Supply

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