Dragon’s Dogma 2: Where To Find Boltscale


Dragon’s Dogma 2: Where To Find Boltscale

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  • Where To Get Boltscale (End-Game)

There is so much to do and see in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Whether you are busy exploring random caves, completing side quests for strangers, or just busy obliterating every monster you see in the world, naturally you will start to acquire resources.


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Some resources are fairly common and can be used in combination with others to make health and stamina recovery items. While other resources are much more valuable and harder to come by. These rare resources are typically reserved for enhancing the finest equipment. Boltscale is one such resource. Here’s where to find it.

Major story spoilers are found in the “Where To Get Boltscale (End-Game)” section.

Where To Get Boltscale (Early-Game)

You probably won’t even know you need boltscale until you go to upgrade one of your fancy new weapons and see that it requires it. This might happen a few dozen hours into the game, leaving you wondering how you have missed this rare material thus far.

Boltscale so happens to be a material only dropped by the Boltscale Saurians. Those lizard-looking enemies that roam the wild, hiding in caves and near bodies of water, are Saurians. And as you may have already noticed, there are a few types of them as well. The Boltscale Saurians are ones that wield electricity, both on their body and in their spears.

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Although it is possible to find them in more than one spot during the early and late game, we were only able to find them in a single cave – Darkhorde Cave. This cave is located just south of the Sacred Arbor area, a hidden city where the locals only speak Elvish, in the northwest part of Vernworth territory.

Inside, you’ll find a few enemy types, a couple of which will be the Boltscale Saurians. You aren’t guaranteed to get a boltscale from each of them but should walk away with at least one. If you need a few, we recommend leaving the cave once you clear it and resting for a day at a campsite. When you return, the cave should be reset with the same enemies.


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Where To Get Boltscale (End-Game)

When you finish the main storyline, you will get the option to go back and face the main dragon again. This time, you can choose a different path that will end up leading you to the Unmoored World, the end-game and the path to the true ending.

In this version of the world, every area that previously had a lake or an ocean is completely drained. This means you’ll run into Saurians more often, some of which so happen to be of the Boltscale variety, as you explore the dried-up riverbeds and ocean floor. Since they are more common, you’ll be able to get Boltscale more easily and finish upgrading your weapons that require it.

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