Dragon’s Dogma 2 issues, benchmarks examined by Gamers Nexus


Dragon’s Dogma 2 issues, benchmarks examined by Gamers Nexus

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Dragon’s Dogma 2 is experiencing significant technical issues affecting gameplay and new benchmarking highlights the issues in extreme detail providing more insight into the mess that is Dragon’s Dogma 2. The core of the problem seems to lie in the game’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) system. Designed to prevent unauthorized copying, this system also limits your ability to modify your PC’s hardware. If you’re someone who likes to upgrade your computer for optimal gaming performance, you might find yourself unable to access the game, which can be quite frustrating.

Adding to the challenge is the game’s design, which only allows for a single save slot. This limitation not only affects your ability to run performance tests but also restricts enjoying multiple playthroughs or sharing the game on one system. Our review team had to purchase extra copies and replay significant portions to evaluate performance, which was neither time nor cost-effective.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Issues Examined

As you play, you might also face sudden crashes, brief pauses in the game’s flow, and varying performance levels in different areas of the game. These issues are more than just slight irritations; they can break the spell of the game’s world and make you question its dependability. The game’s performance can be unpredictable, sometimes depending on whether it’s using more of the CPU or the GPU in different locations. This can lead to an uneven gaming experience where one moment everything runs smoothly, and the next, you’re facing a significant drop in performance.

Thankfully the team over at Gamers Nexus has been putting Dragon’s Dogma 2 through its benchmarking process providing fantastic insight into where the problems lie and what should have been done before the game was released.

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For those with less powerful processors, the game might feel almost impossible to play. Certain CPUs just can’t handle the demands of the game, turning what should be an enjoyable adventure into a source of aggravation. Another point of concern is the inconsistency in frame rates. As you move from densely populated cities to vast open spaces, you’ll notice sudden changes in frame rates. While at first, this might seem like a good thing, the lack of consistency can be jarring and detract from the overall experience.

These performance issues have led to a mostly negative reception on Steam, where players have expressed their dissatisfaction with the crashes, performance problems, and worries about future expansions and content. However, there is some good news. The developers are aware of the issues plaguing Dragon’s Dogma 2 and have indicated that future updates could bring improvements and fixes. While this doesn’t solve the immediate problems, it suggests that the game might eventually reach the level of quality and stability that players are hoping for.

As you consider stepping into the shoes of a hero in Dragon’s Dogma 2, weigh these technical considerations against your desire to explore its rich narrative and expansive world. The game presents a challenging landscape not only in its gameplay but also in its current technical state. Being prepared for these potential issues will help you make an informed decision about when and how to best enjoy this adventure.

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