Dragon’s Dogma 2: How To Kill Slimes


Dragon’s Dogma 2: How To Kill Slimes

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Dragon’s Dogma 2: How To Kill Slimes

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Enemy weaknesses are a core part of Dragon’s Dogma 2’s gameplay. A bit like Monster Hunter, knowing an enemy’s weakness can turn a 15-minute fight into a 2-minute beatdown if you have the tools to capitalize on it.


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However, while most enemies can be damaged even if you don’t target their weak points, others are straight-up invincible if you don’t know how to beat them. Slimes seem like an impossible enemy to face the first time you encounter them, as nothing you do seems to damage them. But they’re easier to beat than it might first appear. Here’s how to counter them.

How To Kill Slimes

Slimes are vulnerable to elemental attacks (Fire, Lightning, Frost) and are extremely weak to fire. Attacking them with mundane weapons (sword, greatsword, bow) without elemental infusion will deal no damage to the Slime.

Having a Mage in your party who can buff you with Fire Boon to add fire elemental damage to your weapons will see the Slimes melt in one or two hits from a decently powerful weapon.

Slimes attack other enemies as well. You can lead use them as means of slowing down difficult enemies like Ogres and Chimeras if nearby.

How To Deal Elemental Damage

The easiest way to infuse your weapons with elemental damage is by equipping a Pawn Mage with Fire/Lightning/Frost Boon skills.

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These skills are available to all Mages by default. If you have bought this skill but haven’t got it equipped, you can always switch currently active skills by setting up a campsite.

As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock skills for other vocations that allow them to add elemental damage to their weapons without a Mage’s help. Things like Archer’s Explosive Shots deal fire damage but consume Explosive Arrows but Thief’s Ignited Blades don’t have the same weakness.

If you’re a Mage yourself, you can always depend on High Flagration to deal massive fire damage or rely on High Levin if you have that equipped.

Depending on their nature, Slimes can inflict Debilitations on characters who get caught by them. Use a Detoxifying Potion to get rid of these afflictions.

Monster variety in DD2 is one of its strongest points and is what helps the game stand out in its genre. If you’re interested in knowing more, you might find our how to beat golems, how to get harpysnare smoke beacon, and how to find forested griffin’s nest guides a helpful read as well.


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