Dragon’s Dogma 2 Has At Least One Sonic The Hedgehog Pawn


Dragon’s Dogma 2 Has At Least One Sonic The Hedgehog Pawn

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  • The character creator in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is top-notch, allowing for intricate designs and free viral marketing for Capcom even before the game’s release.
  • While many players have used the character creator to make mock-ups of some of high fantasy’s best heroes, at least one person has stumbled across this disturbingly human Sonic the Hedgehog Pawn in their travels.

Searching out new Pawns to join you on your quest is par for the course in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You and your main Pawn will be constantly leveling up as you complete quests and slay monsters. But as for the other two slots in your party, you’ll probably want to be visiting riftstones frequently, as the pawns you recruit from other players (or from friends, or from Capcom itself, if you want to go the boring route) are locked in at the level you recruited them.

Since you earn rewards by getting other players to hire your main Pawn for some mercenary work, that means it’s important to make your Pawn stand out. While you can tempt other players with a generous reward for completing a pretty mundane Pawn quest (or by appealing to their base urges), some players have decided to take a more creative route. Like, you know, whoever decided to turn their main Pawn into Sonic the Hedgehog.


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Taking Character Creation To The X-Treme

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has a wonderful character creator — possibly the best ever made. It’s probably one of the best selling points about the game, and the fact that it was free to download on Steam before the game ever came out, allowing you to custom design your own bespoke Arisen and main Pawn well in advance of actually playing the game, surely didn’t hurt its popularity at launch. It really was a brilliant publicity move by Capcom, as the app’s users took up the intricate design controls to ape other fantasy characters, like Baldur’s Gate 3’s Lae’zel, and spread their images across the internet as a form of free viral marketing.

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But other fantasy characters aside, Sonic the Hedgehog probably wasn’t on most players’ minds when they were drawing up their character designs. This one in particular wasn’t posted by its creator, but found in the wild by a player looking to upgrade their companions and subsequently posted on Reddit.


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Gotta Go Faster Than That

Sonic Frontiers Sonic With Glowing Eyes

Sonic the Pawnhog sports a spiky mane of hair, a mix of dark blue and pale flesh-colored skin, and a pair of glowing white eyes, wearing the bare minimum — a pair of brown booty shorts. That can’t be a beneficial loadout as far as armor class is concerned, but it certainly helps the aesthetic immersion.

As some people replying to the post were quick to point out, he’s also a level 36 (at the time of his discovery) Thief, which is fitting. Not only is Thief one of the best vocations in the game, but its twin dagger-wielding helmsplitter ability, which causes the character to jump into the air and attack enemies by flipping and rolling at them, is much like the more traditional Sonic’s spin attack.

… as for the other two slots in your party, you’ll probably want to be visiting riftstones frequently, as the pawns you recruit from other players.

But as another person pointed out, having Sonic as a Pawn may break the immersion just a bit if, like most, you’re inclined to running everywhere instead of taking a leisurely stroll. Your collection of Pawns will make comments about your behaviors in the game, and one of the most frequently heard is their complaining that they can’t keep up with you. Said one Reddit user, AnAbundanceOfBees, “Must you run EVERYWHERE, Pawnrisen?”

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Why, Yes. Gotta go fast.

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