Dragon’s Dogma 2: All Enhancement Types Explained


Dragon’s Dogma 2: All Enhancement Types Explained

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There are only so many weapons and armor pieces players can find in the world of DD2. While each piece of gear is objectively better than the last, players will see long stretches without finding a new piece of gear, yet stronger enemies.


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This is where enhancements come in, letting players make a single piece of gear better through gold and upgrade materials. There are five different forms of enhancements, each upgrading your weapons and armor in different ways; here’s what each one does.

Every Enhancement Type Explained

In total, there are five enhancement types. Each weapon or armor piece can only be enhanced three times by any combination of the four major enhancement types. The fifth Wyrmfire enhancement type offers a fourth enhancement on any piece of gear, maximizing its effectiveness on top of the current layout of three previous enhancements.

Enhancement Name

Where To Find

Effect On Gear


Any Blacksmith in Vermund

Slightly upgrades all base stats and decreases weight


Blacksmith in Sacred Arbor

Greatly upgrades Magick and Magick defence


Blacksmith in Bakbattahl

Greatly upgrades strength and Defense.


Gautstafr on Volcanic Island

Greatly upgrades Knockdown Power and Knockdown resistance but increases weight.


The Dragonforged in the Bay Wayside Shrine

Greatly upgrades all stats and lowers weight.

Which Enhancement Type Is Best

The Player Upggrading A Bow With Dwarven Forging

Every enhancement type serves a purpose, and what’s best comes down to your playstyle and Vocation.Melee-focused characters should look towards Battahli or Dwarven forgings, while magic-focused characters should always prioritize Eleven. Vermundian forging is useful early on, but other forging types will quickly outclass what you need for an upgrade. No matter what upgrades you choose for the first three, the fourth and final upgrade will always be the best; Wyrmfire.

Wyrmfire upgrades are the best but will require a lot of WLC to get. No matter what upgrade is being done on a weapon, the first upgrade will always only cost gold.


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