Dragon’s Dogma 2: 10 Best Fighter Swords


Dragon’s Dogma 2: 10 Best Fighter Swords

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Fighter is one of the starting Vocations players can choose to use for themselves and their main pawn in Dragon’s Dogma 2. As this is one of the four starting classes, players can switch to it easily by purchasing it at a Vocation Guild.


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Fighters focus on facing their enemies head-on and will be tanking a lot of damage to protect their allies. While their shield blocks all kinds of incoming damage, their swords are very capable of cutting down their enemies with ease.

11 Iron Sword

The Fighter Starting Weapon

  • A good starting weapon, but low overall stats.
  • A light sword to carry.

The Iron Sword is the starting sword of the Fighter Vocation, but it offers a good stepping stone into what the rest of the Vocation will be like. Despite what its description says, this sword is actually the lightest sword available to the Vocation and can be useful when the player’s early-game carry capacity is low.

This weapon deals purely slashing damage, and only starts with okay stats when compared to other weapons on this list. Being a starting weapon, players should quickly start looking for another weapon to use on their journey.

10 Broadsword

A Straight Upgrade From The Iron Sword

  • Purchase when arriving in Vernworth.
  • May need an increased carry capacity to stay within a reasonable range.

The Broadsword isn’t anything too special, but a simple upgrade in just about every way when compared to the Broadsword. This weapon is slightly heavier but offers higher strength and knockdown power than its predecessor.

Due to its lower cost, players will be able to quickly purchase and switch over to this weapon upon arriving at Vernworth. While it is weaker than the Cutlass in slight ways, this is a very worthwhile sword to enhance and use throughout the early hours of the game.

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9 Cutlass

Better Damage With Less Knockdown Power

The Cutlass In The Inventory
  • More of a focus on damage.
  • Can make up for lower knockdown by throwing enemies.

While the Cutlass is slightly better than the Broadsword, this weapon has a bit more give and take than just being a straight upgrade. The Cutlass does have a higher base damage, which is arguably the most important stat on a sword.

This weapon’s downside is that its knockdown power is slightly lower than that of the Broadsword. Early into the game, knockdown power won’t play as much of a role in combat, letting this stat fall behind just a bit without any major repercussions.

8 Vermundian Brand

The Best Vernworth Sword

7 The Vermindian Brand In The Shop

  • Won’t be available for purchase until some story progress is made.
  • Very powerful but head to Checkpoint Rest Town for better options.

While the Vermundian Brand can’t be purchased right after arriving in Vernworth, this weapon is very much so worth the time it took to stock along with its cost. While this amount of gold will be a staggering amount early on when this sword is first seen, it’s worth every gold piece.

This sword does mark the start of Fighter swords getting heavier to carry, but by now the right Augment or ring can be applied to help negate the weight of the weapon. This sword offers great damage and Knockdown power and is the best weapon Fighters will get in Vernworth.

6 Battahli Shotel

A Necessary Battahl Purchase

The Battahli Shotel Weapon In The Shop
  • The most affordable weapon in Battahl.
  • A great damage upgrade upon reaching Battahl.

Upon arriving in Battahl and heading to the Smithy, the Battahli Shotel is by far the most affordable sword players can purchase. It offers a large jump from the Vermundian Brand and is a necessary purchase for the stronger monsters throughout the region.

This weapon outclasses all swords from the previous region in terms of damage and knockdown power by a wide margin. While this sword is a useful purchase, those with enough gold should instead look at the other options available in Batthal.

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5 Silver Cinquedea

Heavy & Powerful Slashing Damage

The Silver Cinquedea In The Shop
  • One of the best yet basic swords.
  • Lighter option of the better two Battahl options.

The Silver Cinquedea is a large and powerful sword that offers incredible strength and knockdown power when compared to other weapons on this list. While it is the start of weapons getting very expensive, players will find it well worth the cost in terms of damage.


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Compared to the Threaded Cudgel, this weapon is much lighter, with carry capacity being a recurring issue that flares up upon finding all the new weapons and armor of Battahl. For those looking exclusively for a sword that deals slashing damage, this weapon beats out the Threaded Cudgel.

4 Threaded Cudgel

Very High Damage & Knockdown Power

The Threaded Cudgel In The Shop
  • Incredible damage and knockdown power.
  • Very high weight and will require an Augment or rings.

The Threaded Cudgel is a large mace that deals strike damage instead of slash. This weapon is incredibly heavy and will require an extensively upgraded carry capacity to carry and use.

This weapon only just beats out the Silver Cinquedea in damage but almost eclipses it in terms of knockdown power. Despite its size, this weapon can send smaller enemies flying, with their staggered bodies being left open to more attacks from this devastating weapon.

3 The Exalted

A Heavy Holy Damage Mace

The Player Wielding The Exalted

The Exalted is a powerful mace that deals purely Strike damage. In terms of raw damage stats, this is one of the best weapons a Fighter can use, with it suffering a good bit on its Knockdown Power.

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This mace deals 100% Holt Damage, making it incredibly effective to use against undead enemies at night. Traveling at night and fighting the enemies that spawn then is a great way to level up quickly, and this weapon only makes it easier.

2 Stalwart Sword

A Basic Sword With High Stats

The Stalwart Sword In The Shop
  • Very expensive and found late-game.
  • Manageable weight compared to the strength of the weapon.

The Stalwart Sword is the only one-handed sword players can purchase at Volcanic Island Camp. While it is fairly expensive, it boasts higher stats than any other weapon found up to this point in the game.

Despite only being a sword, this weapon’s Knockdown Power is very high, almost doubling that of The Exalted. Players will need to save up a good bit before making this purchase, but it’ll be more than worth the effort.

1 Almace

Enemies Can’t Fight Back When Frozen

The Almace In The Shop
  • Just about any enemy can be frozen with a few attacks.
  • This sword can’t be enhanced with magic from a pawn.

The Almace may not excel in terms of damage when compared to other weapons on this list, but its elemental effect is what really sets it apart. This weapon offers a 120% frost effect, which freezes enemies after enough hits have landed. Frozen enemies are left still and unmoving, making easy targets for you and your pawns to lay down the hurt.

This freezing ability is only limited to frost-resistant enemies, with other non-frost-resistant enemies always giving in, including large monsters. This weapon can be purchased in Checkpoint Rest Town and is worth every bit of gold players spend on it.


Dragon’s Dogma 2: 10 Best Weapons In The Game

Choosing the best weapons in any game is hard. We scoured the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 to present to you the best weapons available in the game.

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