Democratic lawmakers want to introduce four-day workweek legislation: ‘More rest time.’


Democratic lawmakers want to introduce four-day workweek legislation: ‘More rest time.’

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The hours of businesses with more than 500 workers would be cut back.
A Pennsylvania politician is moving forward with plans for a four-day workweek to let businesses with more than 500 workers cut their hours from 40 to 32 per week without cutting employee pay.

State Rep. G. Roni Green said in a letter released on August 15 that the rule would not apply to small and mid-sized businesses.

Green, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, said that a four-day workweek would give people who work hard more time to rest, care for their families, and focus on their physical and mental health. Workers who are well-rested, happy, and healthy can pay more attention to their jobs and get more done in a day.
“The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 set the normal workweek at 40 hours. Most people still work a 40-hour workweek today, but society looks and works differently than in 1938. Workers can do a lot more work in a shorter amount of time because of how much more productive they are because of technological advances alone. “Research has shown that companies might be able to switch to a four-day workweek without losing productivity,” part of the message said.

Charlie Hurt from Fox News said the plan was for people who didn’t want to work.

“This doesn’t seem like a plan for people who work to me. This bill is for people who don’t work or don’t want to work. He said on “The Big Weekend Show” that they are lazy and don’t want to work.

The non-profit 4 Day Week Global says that 41 companies in the United States and Canada tried out the four-day week plan over six months.
The company found that after six months of a shorter plan, workers felt less stressed and burned out. The companies participating also said they were “very happy with their business’s productivity, performance, and ability to attract workers.”
Raymond Arroyo, a co-host, said that the new law would make things harder for businesses because they would have to pay people more for doing less work.

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“Look, this might work in some fields. I’ve read studies where they go for four days, and it works in some businesses. Fine. But the flight business, the food business, and any other service business. Only four days a week are we going to eat and fly? He said, “I don’t think so.” “This means that these companies pay much more for much less work. It doesn’t make sense to me.”
Arroyo also brought up a case from Minnesota, where teachers were only required to work four days a week.
“It affected 98 thousand kids. The kids can no longer read or write. So you’re going to let them skip another day of school. Who will that help? “I don’t know what this means,” he continued. “The government makes them do it, and it’s for people who don’t want to work. That seems wrong to me.”

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