Comcast launches NOW, low-cost and prepaid brand for data, TV, and WiFi hotspots


Comcast launches NOW, low-cost and prepaid brand for data, TV, and WiFi hotspots

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Comcast, one of the U.S.’s largest cable and internet providers, has announced the launch of NOW. This new brand is aimed at consumers seeking low-cost, flexible options for internet, mobile, and streaming TV, without long-term contracts.

Think of NOW as a mix-and-match approach to connectivity services. It includes an internet, mobile, TV and Wi-Fi hotspot component that users can pay for in advance, month to month. Here’s what’s currently on the menu:

  • NOW Internet: Simple prepaid internet service that vows better reliability than fixed wireless competitors. Choose 100 Mbps for $30/month, or boost it to 200 Mbps for $45/month. Unlimited data and equipment are included in both plans.
  • NOW Mobile: This prepaid mobile plan gives you unlimited 5G data, talk, and text for the price of $25/line. It also offers seamless connection to Xfinity’s vast network of Wi-Fi hotspots for extra coverage, which the company claims it’s currently at over 23 million.
  • NOW TV: Streamers can access 40+ live networks, on-demand content, a bunch of integrated free ad-supported streaming channels, in addition to Peacock Premium, for $20/month. This one requires existing Xfinity internet service.
  • NOW WiFi Pass: Roamers can purchase unlimited access to Xfinity’s Wi-Fi hotspot network for $20 for 30 days.

All of the above services are available without any contracts or credit checks, just straight-up service on a month-to-month basis. You can manage your plan online, adding, pausing, or canceling services as your needs change.
Comcast NOW may pique the interest of those who previously relied on the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). With the program’s future in question due to lack of federal funding, NOW Internet and Mobile could offer a budget-conscious alternative.

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NOW Internet and Mobile are currently being trialed in select cities. However, expect full-scale availability across Comcast’s nationwide service areas within the coming weeks. NOW TV and WiFi Pass, on the other hand, are already up and running wherever Comcast provides service.

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