Callisto Protocol Final Transmission DLC


Callisto Protocol Final Transmission DLC

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DA Salisbury of game design studio Krafton took to the Official PlayStation Blog this week to reveal more details about the upcoming Callisto Protocol Final Transmission content as well as provide a first glimpse of the gameplay. Return to the Black Iron Prison and face new horrors lurking in its halls. PS4 and PS5 will receive exclusive 48-hour early access to Callisto Protocol: Final Transmission in a few days starting June 26th at 9:00PM PT.

Since the end of the main game of Callisto Protocol, things have gone from bad to worse inside the prison. A virus that has been wreaking havoc inside threatens to break out of the prison and it’s up to you to retrieve Mahler’s data and take it out of the world. It won’t be a walk in the park. You’ll have to fight tooth and nail To make your way through the monster-infested corridors, where new abominations await you.”

Callisto Protocol Final Transmission DLC

“When it comes to fighting Biophage, players need reliable tools to survive. The Stun Baton is a great blunt tool, but new threats require new equipment. According to Lead Systems Designer Paul Guirao, the team behind The Callisto Protocol listened to fan feedback and decided Added a new melee weapon to the game. “We wanted to give players something more powerful than the Stun Baton,” Guirao explained.

With devious, agile spoilers and powerful two-headed monstrosities lurking around every corner, not to mention hard-to-kill security units, Black Iron Prison has always been a treacherous place. But now a new enemy haunts its halls: the Biophage Robot, or Biobot as the developers affectionately call it. This enemy Terrifying is a mix of Biophage and UJC security units, and a deadly reminder that Black Iron is still as dangerous as ever.

The result is the all-new action hammer. With its design and shape, you can feel the power and weight behind every swing. She has light and heavy melee attacks that hit stronger than Stun Baton, but that’s not all – explains Guirao, “Holding down the heavy melee button results in a more powerful attack. But mastering the heavy mech can be challenging…you become the ultimate badass once you hit You master it. It is one of our favorite weapons because it destroys everything it touches.” As a bonus, performing a successful charging attack also creates a powerful area of ​​effect.”

Learn more about the new Callisto Protocol Final Transmission DLC on the Official PlayStation Blog by following the link below.

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