BMW ConnectedRide smart glasses unveiled – geeky gadgets


BMW ConnectedRide smart glasses unveiled – geeky gadgets

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BMW has announced a new pair of smart glasses that are designed for motorcyclists and come with a display built into the windshield, BMW ConnectedRide Smartglasses.

The BMW ConnectedRide Smartglasses head-up display can display a wide range of information including speed, gear, navigation details and more, and it appears directly in your field of view.

The BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide smart glasses can be easily connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and an app. Projection mode is possible, and settings can be selected before or during the ride, via the multi-controller located on the motorcycle’s handlebars.


In addition to the individual user interface and increased riding safety, smart glasses also provide a high level of comfort. The design of the smart glasses and screen has been adapted to meet the specific needs of motorcyclists. BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide smart glasses can be adapted to fit a variety of helmets and face shapes. This makes the smart glasses comfortable to wear even on long day trips. The lithium-ion battery allows up to ten hours of playback.

BMW Motorrad supplies two sets of UVA/UVB approved lenses with the frame. One set of lenses is 85% transparent and can be used for helmets with sun visors. The other set has tinted lenses that turn the smart glasses into a pair of sunglasses.

You can find out more details about BMW’s BMW ConnectedRide Smartglasses at the link below, they will come in different sizes and will be available later this year. As of now, there are no pricing details.

Source: BMW

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