Blade Laptop Power Bank 20000mAh


Blade Laptop Power Bank 20000mAh

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Baseus has introduced its latest innovation, the Blade HD Series 100W Power Bank. Taking the form of an ultra-thin and compact laptop battery pack is a testament to the company’s dedication to providing high quality and efficient power solutions. It is only 0.7 inches thick, but it supports 100W fast charging.

This 20,000mAh laptop power bank is compatible with PD 3.0-enabled USB-C laptops, including MacBooks and ChromeBooks, providing fast charging when you need it most. Tests have shown that the 14-inch MacBook Pro can charge up to 47% in just 30 minutes, with the 20,000mAh capacity providing 0.88 charges.

For iPhone 14 Pro Max users, the power bank provides up to 55% charge in 30 minutes, providing approximately 2.8 full charges. Moreover, the Type-C port supports 60W PD input, allowing the battery pack to be fully replenished in just 1.2 hours when used with at least a 60W charger (not included).


The Blade HD Series power bank features two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports, enabling simultaneous fast charging of up to four devices. Whether you need to charge a laptop, smartphone, AirPods, or wearables on the go, this power bank has you covered. Thanks to the built-in smart chip, the power bank intelligently allocates the optimal power for each device, ensuring optimal charging performance.

This technology provides more power to devices with high consumption and the right amount to devices with low consumption, thus extending battery life. In addition, the smart chip offers protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit and more, ensuring your devices are safe while charging.

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The Baseus Blade HD Series 100W Laptop Power Bank is designed to cater to a wide range of electronic devices. It’s compatible with all major fast charging protocols, including PD (Power Delivery) and Qualcomm’s QC (Quick Charge) primarily for Android devices, PPS (Programmable Power Supply) exclusive to Samsung’s high-end lineup, and more. This ensures that most devices can be supported by the power bank, making it a one-stop solution for charging your various electronic devices.

Source: Baseus

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