Best Surface Laptop 6 For Business Docking Stations


Best Surface Laptop 6 For Business Docking Stations

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When you’re looking for a great Surface laptop, the all-new Surface Laptop 6 for Business is a top-notch choice. However, IO is limited, so you’ll need a solid docking station. You can check out the best Surface docking stations, but we’ve gone the extra mile to find docks that would be best for the Surface Laptop 6 for Business. Below, you’ll see all the top options.

How to pick the right Surface dock for you

There are a ton of solid dock options for the Surface Laptop 6 for Business, which is great news. In general, though, Microsoft’s Thunderbolt 4 dock is an excellent all-around choice, offering up a good blend of performance and value, while if you’ve got more to spend, CalDigit’s TS4 dock is tough to beat in terms of features, especially with 18 ports.

If you’re on a budget, a USB-C dock like Microsoft’s USB-C Travel Hub could be a great way to connect all your favorite devices without breaking the bank. Whichever dock you go with, just make sure it’ll be able to connect all the devices you’ve got lying around.


Surface Laptop 6 for Business: Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s professional laptop

The Surface Laptop 6 may look similar to the old model, but it promises double the performance, plus other upgrades.

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