Best CS: GO Matches in Esports History


Best CS: GO Matches in Esports History

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Global players have always been interested in CS: GO events. At the height, they occasionally record literally millions of viewers. However, not every game is equally entertaining and enjoyable. So let’s review the highlights of Counter-Strike that you should pay attention to.

We’ll examine eight of the best CS: GO matches in this post. All of them have had a “historical” influence on the CS: GO community, whether it be because they were unpredictable or because fans had been waiting a long time for their favorite team to win. If you want to know more about CS:GO matches, visit

Let’s start now!

1. G2 VS. NAVI

NAVI is where we began our list of the greatest CS: GO matches in history and where we’ll leave it. With 2.748.434 viewers at its height, the PGL Major Stockholm — Grand Final 2021 became the most viewed event for a reason. Since this was the first major event since the Pandemic and the internet era, people were really hungry for solid computer science. The victory was also eagerly anticipated by NAVI following several final disappointments. Many rounds were forgotten after the competition and a lot of time has gone, but Niko’s mistake at 15:12 and this game will always be regarded as the finest CS: GO battle.


One of the most epic CS: GO matchups ever played was the ELEAGUE Major 2018 championship match. This championship game’s atmosphere alone makes it deserving of a best-of list. But it was far more complicated than that.

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It is important to note that Olof, Guardian, Niko, and Rain were some of Cloud9’s strongest players at the time. Therefore, when Faze won the first game with a score of 16:14, everyone was rather taken aback. On the second map, Overpass, Cloud9 displayed outstanding defensive play and entered the second half with a 12:3 lead. The turning point, however, occurred when Skadoodle eliminated Guardian with a sniper shot, opening the door for the winning streak and becoming his squad the first international winner from the USA.


Let’s not forget The ELEAGUE Major 2017 final. Two T1 heavyweights entered the arena back there in Atlanta. The most unforgettable moment that year was the way that game ended.

The final map, Train, is a favourite among Polish veterans and was won by the boat teams. It appeared like they would win this time, and it appeared so until the 21st round. Andreas Xyp9x Hoyslet took the victory with a precise headshot from Tec-9 while was ahead 13:7 for defence (which is regarded as being easier on Train). Astralis won the game and the round necessary to snap’s winning run.


You may be regarded as a real CS: GO veteran if you can recall the Dream hack Cluj-Napoca 2015 semifinals. At the time, Team EnVyUs’ players included KennyS, apEX, and NBK. For G2 Esports, it was a poor match-up. Their unexpected triumph on the first map served as the series’ opening act. G2 Esports faced the Envy on the following map, Inferno, but lost 25-21 in overtime. Nevertheless, G2 put up a valiant fight and showed that they could not only score frags but also critically consider strategic options.

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The professional scene undoubtedly included more memorable battles, but we felt that these were the most spectacular. Support your favorite teams, take in the action, and work hard to one day make such a top list.


What is the most-watched CS: GO match?

The PGL Major Stockholm championship match between G2 and NAVI, which attracted 2.748.434 viewers, was the most watched event. Games involving NAVI frequently draw a sizable audience because of this team’s immense reputation and talent.

Who is the best team of the most interesting CS: GO matches?

Since the NAVI team constantly displays a high level of play throughout time, you won’t find a single game on the list of the greatest CS: GO games without them. Other teams, like Vitality or Cloud9, are also frequent visitors at Major events, but they seldom ever take part in the highlights as NAVI does.

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