Best Buy makes the uniquely awesome Pixel Tablet the obvious choice for so many of us


Best Buy makes the uniquely awesome Pixel Tablet the obvious choice for so many of us

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You know those people who are unapologetically themselves and make no effort to fit in and pretend to be someone they are not? That’s what the Pixel Tablet is in the tablet world. While other best tablets of 2024 are trying to be your everything, the Pixel Tablet wants to be by your side the whole day. Isn’t that adorable? Currently, you can bring it home for a lower price than usual.
The Pixel Tablet has a 10.95-inch screen and comes with a charging dock on which it can be placed when not in use. Its price may have you believe that it’s a competitor to mid-range Apple and Samsung tablets that cost below $500 but that’s not true. It’s more premium than low-cost and budget tablets.

It’s not meant to replace your laptop though, which is why it’s more affordable than Apple and Samsung tablets that cost $800 or more.

The 8GB/128GB Pixel Tablet costs $499 but you can save $100 on it and grab it for only $399 at Best Buy.

It’s powered by the Tensor G2, the same chip that powers the last-gen Pixel 7. The performance is smooth and responsive, so there won’t be any delays or stutters when you are browsing the net or using your favorite social media apps.

You can use two apps at the same time and drag and drop content between them. 

But are those reasons enough to choose the Pixel Tablet over other tablets? 

Not necessarily, as any half-decent tablet can let you do most of those things.

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So what makes the Pixel Tablet special? First of all, it lets you create as many as eight profiles, so unlike Apple, Google is not expecting each member of your house to buy their own tablet. Thoughtful

The charging station keeps the tablet charged at all times, which is another plus. Also, when placed on the dock, the tablet transforms into a smart display. You can use it to view your security camera feed. You can cast any audio or media playing on your phone to the Pixel Tablet. It can answer questions like what’s the weather like for you when you are alone in your living room and no other family member would entertain you.

Go for the Pixel Tablet if you need a device that’s better than mid-range tablets and can be used by the whole family.

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