Audi Q2 and SQ2 gets new Audi virtual cockpit


Audi Q2 and SQ2 gets new Audi virtual cockpit

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Audi has announced that all of its Audi Q2 and SQ2 models will now come with the Audi Virtual Cockpit as standard, these models will now come with the latest Audi infotainment system and will feature an 8.8-inch touchscreen as the central control unit.

Starting now, every Audi Q2, SQ21 included, rolls out with the cool Audi virtual cockpit as standard. Ditching the old-school dials, this fully digital setup boasts a crisp full HD screen (1,920 x 720 pixels) and lets you play around with lots of customization. Want the usual speed and RPMs or maybe your navigation and tunes up front? You got it. A quick press on the steering wheel’s view button switches up the scenes. Depending on what you pick when you buy, you can get different vibes like the Sport look with its red highlights or the Dynamic style with its unique scales.

Audi Q2

For the dashboard, you’ve got two main looks. One keeps the speedo and rev counter big and bold, kinda like the traditional dials, but sneaks in your media or maps in the middle. The other shrinks these gauges a bit to make room for a big, bold navigation map that fills almost the whole screen, making it a breeze to follow directions.

Plus, if you want even more, the Audi virtual cockpit offers these new theme worlds. Flip between a classic feel or something more adrenaline-pumping. The SQ21 spices things up with a special, sporty rev counter right in the center.

You can find out more information about the updated Audi Q2 and SQ2 over at the Audi website at the link below, the Audi Q2 starts at €28,600 and the Audi SQ2 starts at €50,500 in Europe.

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